The Real Score?

These past weeks have seen the assault on Meralco bring its stocks value down. Losing more than 20% in the stock market, the Lopezes may soon lose its grip on the electric company. What is the real motive behind the attack on Meralco? Ome would say that Gloria is trying to bring her image up, others would say the abusive Meralco has to be made accoutable. I have my own personal view on the real score.

Muddled in the issue, we have forgotten that Transco is now owned by GMA’s allies. With NAPOCOR yet to be fully privatized, and could be very costly for anyone to try to acquire at this time, the best option is to attack the distribution side first. With Meralco’s value dropping, the GREEDY GROUP can now buy more shares to finally wrest the power from the Lopezes. With this, the monopoly will soon change hands. With taxes and NAPOCOR’s inefficiencies, power rates is unlikely to go down.

Clearly the two-pronged attack on Meralco will benefit not you and me but those whose image needs a makeover and of course those who are out to make a huge profit. Utilities much like the food business can hardly ever fail. One can easily make money while sitting around. Electricity is after all an essential component of everyone’s life. Prostituting advocacy in the name of greed is one of the best moves this corrupt administration has ever made. Just imagine the how “good” Gloria will look in the eyes of the masses and how rich her gang would be after they get control of both distribution and transmission sides of the power sector. Now, they can easily acquire some of NAPOCOR’s assets and the circle would be complete.

This was planned from the start. With Mikey Arroyo heading the energy committee, they gave gained a very comfortable foothold in their bid to control the power sector. They now have a very influential say on where the power sector should head. So it seems that the GREEDY GROUP has yet to satisfy its hunger for more mullah. What a way of ensuring that they will enjoy a good life way past Gloria’s reign.

As for Gloria, 2010 may yet be gentle to her. Her successor could be kind to her or she may opt to stay on, relying of course on a succession of events that could “force” her to seek “emergency powers”. Despite the posturing of several presidentiables, greed can make one do the unthinkable and unexpected. These presidential pretenders could wake up one morning only to realize that there is no such thing as elections in the Philippines. At leats they have their product endorsements to fall back on.


Doling Out Scraps

At a time when mistrust for GMA is growing, her strategy now is to buy out the people. The illegal tenant of MalacaƱang has been announcing subsidies for the poorest of the poor. Alleviating the plight of the poor should have begun on the very first day Gloria took office. With barely two years before she ends(?) her criminal reign, she will go on a bribing spree. With her economic programs clearly hitting the people hard, her only option is to dole out scraps.

Giving out cash without concrete sustainable programs is utter stupidity. One cannot close a gaping wound with band aids. With her bludgeoning EVat and the rising cost of living, empty pockets and grumbling stomachs will not go very far with measly P500 dole outs. While she avoids crossing her criminal-minded allies, she dangles P20 wage increases to the underpaid slaves. She refuses to suspend her pet, the EVat because it would expose her economic incompetence. Even investors have began shying away due not only to her corrupt bureaucracy but her unstable programs as well.

Putting the blame of her ineptitude on her critics is the only thing she can do. She has to divert the attention of the irate populace to stay in power. Now, even announcing projected increases in oil prices is being prevented. We have the right to know what we are facing so we can prepare for the worst. It is the government’s responsibility to keep us informed. Gloria should suspend the EVat on oil and power if she is sincere in easing our sufferings. While the cost of oil increases, so does the VAT. At present levels, about P7/liter is being collected by the government. Removing the VAT would lower the cost of everything.

The P500 electricity subsidy should be paid directly to the power company instead giving it to individuals. We have no assurance that these monies will go to the intended recipients with this government’s track record of misusing funds. I am sure that Gloria will use this for photo ops again. Just imagine her being shown giving out “gifts” to the poor? This would be a great propaganda opportunity to make it appear that she is doing something for the people. P500 would not go far, it is only good for three square meals a day. After it has been spent, the poor family will go back to its miserable life. This dole out is no different from the money given out to buy votes.

Our so-called leaders live off our taxes. We pay for their gas, their phone bills, their trips and even their power bills. While they go around with blaring sirens in big gas-guzzling luxury vehicles, we have to walk under the blazing sun bathing in our sweat while inhaling toxic fumes. They sit in aircontioned offices while more and more people ply their wares in the streets only to be taken away by Gestapo-like goons of Bayani’s MMDA. At a time when we face desperation, we look for inspiration. We do not need rhetorical speeches and political gimmickry.

So what do you call these dole outs? Bribery? Maybe cover-up funds, or diversionary funds perhaps? At the end of the day, incompetence and dereliction of duty is what Gloria is guilty of. Of course her other crimes against the people should never be forgotten.


Bolante Update

It’s out, an undersecretary of the Dept. of Agriculture testified in Jocjoc Bolante’s asylum case in the US. To refresh your memory, Bolante was involved in the P3billion fertizer fund scam which was diverted to GMA’s presidential campaign kitty back in 2004. Bolante has been serving prison time in Chicago and has filed an appeal for his case.

Atty. Harry Roque has been actively following the case and was the one who unmasked the witness. The undersecretary is still in active service. Palace parrot, USec. Golez defended the usec. and said that it might have been in his personal capacity and perception that DA Usec. Montes testified for Bolante. Montes asserted that there are threats to Bolante’s life from the Philippine Senate.

Golez added that Roque should bring the case to the proper courts. Well, the senate did send the recommendations to the Ombudsman but agency has been sitting on the case. They said that Bolante is no longer a government official but they would still look into it. Such is the culture of impunity that pervades in our country. Accountability simply does not exist. With all agencies controlled by Gloria, justice can never be had.

The only threat Bolante is facing is the possibility that with his testimony, Gloria could be indicted in the fertilizer scam. The information Atty. Roque has discovered is another expose that could send chills up GMA’s spine. Montes being an undersecretary is an alter ego of Gloria. The palace hand has been caught in the cookie jar again. The palace will be in panic mode again and would lie through its teeth to muddle the issue. So the ghost of the fertilizer scam has come back to haunt Gloria. The embattled illegitimate president will have to throw in more rhetorics to divert the people’s attention. Unresolved scandals continue to hound her till her last days in office.

We have to make sure that should she step down, her successor would give the people the elusive justice we all seek. And let’s all be vigilant so that GMA cannot pull a fast one on us through another Charter Change.


Birthday Greetings

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to blogsphere’s most famous blogger, Manolo Quezon. May you have more blessings and happiness. I hope you can all drop by his blog and share with him this special day.

Populist Rhetorics

Tell the people what they want to hear, and for sure they would listen. This is what GMA is doing now. Her motive of course is to appease the people who has been pummeled by the rising cost of living. If she is to survive until 2010, she has no other option but to do what is popular than what is right. This also diverts the people’s attention from the systemic raping of the country by her gang. Of course this is nothing new to Gloria, she has mastered the art of lying.

Diverting attention has been her forte and she has managed to stave off threats over the years. With the crises engulfing us hitting where it really hurts, people tend to get restless and the crimes of her administrations becomes more evident. When the rice crisis erupted, she went around handing out bags of rice. When high energy cost started hurting us, she sent marching orders to Winston Garcia. But of course she will never admit that her EVAT is causing us more harm than good. Her indiscriminate borrowing is the root cause of our problems. Add the corruption that has been institutionalized during her administration, then you have the perfect recipe for an incurable disease.

I expect Gloria to go after companies that the people perceive to be the causes of our hard lives. I suppose she would go after the oil companies next and then the water utilities after. Glaring as it is, she never touched NAPOCOR, ERC, TRANSCO or the really big smugglers in our ports. She never even bothered to investigate the price-fixing allegations in the power sector. She closes her eyes to the fact that she has mismanaged the country’s economic affairs. She has entered into agreements detrimental to the country and to the people. She undertook and wasted so much resources on projects we don’t really need.

Legacy is about concrete results and about inspiring people. It is not about rhetorics, political gimmickry and lies. Legacy is something you leave behind so that people may realize their dreams. The only dreams she had realized are those of the greedy and power hungry. She has left more people destitute and hungry while those close to her devour what little we have left. We need reforms and accountability. She has not delivered anything during her 7-year reign. The country had sunk deeper and is on the verge of collapse. Life could not have been worse and the hardest hit are the very pillars of society, the families.

With life getting worse, families are torn apart with parents and children separated due to economic woes. Dole outs do not help at all, what we need are opportunities that would offer the people more. We do not need words that slowly caresses us to death. Instead of strengthening the country, GMA is slowly selling us off piece by piece. Her eyes widen at the prospect of how much she and her gang will be dividing.

We are all alone. Our leaders have deserted us. Words are the only things we have in our pockets and hope is what is left in our hearts. We will be inheriting the devastation Gloria has left. She and her family will be living comfortably while we enslave ourselves to pay off her debts. We are collateral damage to her corrupt practices and will have to try survive her holocaust. Rhetorical speeches, that’s about the only thing is she good at.

She now walks on very thin ice, one wrong move and she will be ousted. She should thank the people’s patience. If we had been a different race, she would have been kicked out a long time ago. Borrowing the words of Joey Salceda, “she is one lucky bitch.”


Systems Loss

We’ve been hearing this phrase “systems loss” for several weeks now. It’s suppose to mean loss through pilferage or in simpler terms, stolen. Meralco has been under fire from all sectors because it passes on their “systems losses” to their consumers. Because of their ineptitude, we are the ones who end up paying. We are being forced to pay for their failure and and supposed mismanagement. While Gloria’s pack headed by GSIS president Winston Garcia is clawing at the heels of the Lopezes, it’s high time we make Gloria’s administration accountable for their own “systems loss” the we the people are paying for.

Corruption has been institutionalized under Gloria’s watch. We are now the 8th most corrupt country in the world. Because this administration has been mismanaging the country, we are the ones paying the price. Loans and aids continue to be misused. Bribery and kickbacks rampant and GMA and her gang continue to make fools of us. With almost all institutions under her control, we are helpless against their onslaught. Just like Meralco, they have turned our country into a monopoly wherein we have no other choice but to take what they dish out.

Systems loss is when we are heavily taxed not because the government is trying to increase social services but because we need to pay our ballooning debt. Systems loss is when small importers pay more because smugglers pay less. Systems loss is when Gloria needs to bribe the lower house and she distributes loot bags full of money buy the loyalty of our local officials. Systems loss is when we have to pay for her junkets and trips that amount to nothing. Systems loss is when we spend millions of dollars for embassies which do not look after the welfare of our migrant workers. Systems loss is when politicians use their pork barrels for their personal gains and promotion. Systems loss is when we have to pay for overpriced projects which are substandard. Systems loss is when government pushes for projects we don’t really need.

I am very sure there are more systems loss being charged to us by this corrupt and inept administration. Hidden under the rug are billions of unexplained expenditures which this administration has yet to account for. It is Gloria’s politicking that is destroying this country. Because she needs to make her allies happy and loyal, we have to bear the brunt of their systems loss. Meralco maybe abusing us but we should not be blinded by Gloria’s populist rhetorics. GMA and her gang should refund to us the systems loss of this administration.

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