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Sa Ika-uunlad Ng Bayan, Hindi Si Gloria Ang Kailangan

As if Erap’s clemency would finally unite our divided nation, it in fact created more divisions. Divide and conquer is what Gloria has been doing. The more divided the forces arrayed before her, the more she can hold on to power. Gloria had been bragging about her governance based on due process and the rule of law. So far, all we have seen is how she made a mockery of our constitution.

Her administration is an aberration. The lies she has been peddling and the corruption that is the highlight of her administration continues to wreak havoc on the populace. We bear witness to a never ending parade of scandals. Her “love” for everything Chinese-made has set us back and buried us deeper in muck of foreign loans.

Transactional politics has laid waste to every institution in the land. She bombards us with rhetorics that boggles our senses. She wants reconciliation while she holds a gun to our heads. Human rights is as worse as the dark years of the Marcos regime. Every crook has been accommodated by her administration. Morality is virtually nonexistent and even priests line up to kiss her hand. The men in uniform reduced to mercenaries at her disposal.

The devastation she has caused will take decades to repair. She talks of moving on when all the steps she had taken leads to regression. To wait for 2010 could be too late. Nothing will be left for us to look forward to. To effect change, we must stay focused on the issues at hand. Moral suasion will not do the job. GMA is too wily to go along with calls for a snap election. She knows too well what awaits her if she ever she decides to step down. Lacking in political will and moral fortitude, she will continue to lavish her allies with dole-outs and bribes. Bribery after all is the only language she speaks.

No way will we move forward. The elusive dream of economic wealth will always be elusive under her presidency. With her at the helm, we will sink deeper in desperation. Our children’s children will bear the brunt of her corruption.




So after the Estrada pardon, forces have began realigning themselves as alliances breakup and lines are drawn. It is a time when we should rethink and reflect on the lessons we learned. No matter how sincere we, the people, would want to pursue change, there will be opportunists in the wings biding their time, waiting for the right issue and moment to pounce on our ideals.

But such things are consequences we have to bear with. We now face a steeper climb as the Arroyo and Estrada forces join in an unholy alliance. The Genuine Opposition is dead. The once great coalition that trounced the administration now cease to exist. Transactional politics has overtaken idealism and advocacies. True colors are now exposed, and the once defiant Erap reduced to Gloria’s posterboy.

Are Filipinos gullible or just plain stupid? Time and again, we have been taken for a ride. The most recent of course the mockery of justice. After kicking Marcos out, we have been spiraling and the what we have is a succession of leaders who took advantage of every situation to enhance their image and fill their pockets.

Ours is a different democracy. After EDSA 1, we felt empowered. People empowerment is what democracy is all about. But our democracy is one of regression. Politics in its dirtiest form has ruled the day. Administrations are rocked by scandals and intrigues. Every scandal getting more blatant. The absence of public outcry has emboldened even the smallest criminal to pursue a life of crime. Crime in this country after all pays and it pays big.

We are victims of a vicious cycle. History keeps repeating itself in a very short span of time. Sociologists will never be able to explain this phenomenon. We readily and willingly leave our fate in the hands of leaders who always seem to lead us into a trap. I suppose the Filipino is inherently trusting. The lack of suspicion and mistrust has led to the perception that we lack discernment.

Is the Filipino stupid or gullible? I don’t think so. We just never see the evil in a person until the last moment when we have actually been suckered. To sum it all up, I leave you with this, we are not stupid, we are not gullible. We are just like the Nokia phone we love using, WE ARE USER-FRIENDLY.


We Are Hypocrites, The Tribune Says

People who went to EDSA back in 2001 are now branded as hypocrites by the Tribune’s editorial. No, I am not insulted nor am I incensed by the label. The elite, they call us. Me, rich? I am another member of the working class who tries his best to feed his family. No, I don’t own a newspaper like Niñez does, I’m a lowly blogger who does not even have his own domain.

The people I went to EDSA with back in 2001 were ordinary folks. I saw countless individuals who obviously were not well-off. Sure there were the rich group but I could tell that they are a very small group. I did not see dole-outs but I did see people just like me who shared the little food we brought along. There were no catering trucks that handed out mineral water and food in Styrofoam containers. Even the old balut vendor I stood beside “gave” away his balut for free.

I went to EDSA not to install Gloria but to show my disgust at how the numbers game was played in Erap’s impeachment. I too am appalled by the same situation in GMA’s last two impeachments were the majority relied on their numbers to dump the impeachment complaint. Aside from being one with those who denounced his way of running the country, there was a personal side to why I joined EDSA 2. I had to teach my kids that we all have to make a stand sometime in our lives. If the people who joined EDSA were rich, they wouldn’t be working during the day and then going to EDSA after work. Maybe the Tribune did not notice how thin the crowds were during the day only to swell in the afternoon and into the night.

I laugh at how the Tribune’s editorial pointed to different groups and lumping them into one box. Calling EDSA 3 the revolt of the masses is quite incorrect. EDSA 3 showed us how the poor can be easily manipulated by the rich. It showed us how the elite can exploit the suffering of the poor to their advantage. The Tribune should look at itself and those who see Erap as an aggrieved party and examine themselves closely.

Erap’s undoing was his own. The private prosecutors found evidence to link him to the crime for which he was charged. He was acquitted of those he obviously did not commit. I too defended him against the obvious injustices this administration handed him. Maybe the Tribune has to understand what morality and justice is. The editorial was quite reckless in its opinion. I am not a member of the Black and White movement. I must agree though that certain personalities were accommodated by the UNO but that is to put some credibility to their slate. UNO cannot claim that these personalities were forced upon them. If UNO stuck to their favored candidates, I doubt if those would match up to who GMA had.

We need people with values, integrity and principles in government. Erap should be thankful that Gloria’s back is against the wall or he would be rotting in jail now. Erap is fortunate to be rich unlike the numerous seventy-year-olds still languishing in jail. Erap should be thankful that he has been pardoned unlike the eight-year-old who is still detained because he stole a pair of slippers.

I do not understand what the Tribune is ranting about. Erap is free, and even his detention was unlike no other. He lived comfortably during his detention. He received the best medical care unlike the inmates who are squeezed in small cells with their bodies splattered with lesions.

So to the Tribune, think before you write. Like I have said time and again, “Hindi bobo ang Pilipino”. And I really hope I am rich, then I would have more to share to the less fortunate without asking nothing in return.


Greatest Good For The Fewest Number

Gloria’s move to pardon Erap is simply precedent-ial. Its what transactional politics is all about. Now the plunderer and the plunder-ess are holding hands. To claim that its for the the common good is pure bullshit. Now the entire Estrada clan calls Gloria president.

Nothing good will come out of this. The masses were once again exploited by the powerful trapos. Erap with his usual trapo rhetorics and GMA, an even dirtier trapo has succeeded to quell the anger of the poor. I cannot blame these people as they are hanging on the promise of a better life and words to them is like gold.

The rich and powerful will never let go of the riches they possess. Only the naive will believe these two. Erap and Gloria saved their own skins, plain and simple. One wants to enjoy what he plundered, the other is enjoying her plundering. It really sucks but that is how our system works. The poor will never have justice. Justice is reserved for those who have influence.

The pardon is the easiest way out for the two plunderers. This will now set a precedent that would embolden thieves to steal more. Erap just legitimized the illegitimate presidency of GMA. So now even cheating in the elections is legal. I guess we are not yet ready to harness the full potential of democracy. The poor still bow to the rich and the rich wield their power without mercy. Empowerment will have to wait. I suppose, the Burmese have more conviction than we do. Even without a leader, they continue to fight for democracy.

Politics is a game that we ordinary folks will never understand. The administration talks of unity and reconciliation but all we see is a consolidation of power. I am sure that the senate and lower house will welcome this with open arms. We can now see a waning of interest of the opposition in Gloria’s shenanigans. They will soften up and give GMA a little space to breathe.

We the people will now have to fend for ourselves. We can no longer rely on the courage(?) of the opposition. GMA now has a new defender in Erap. Unless the young guns of the senate will hold true to their word to protect the people, then we are really fucked. The moral regeneration JDV is asking for means that we have to commit genocide to achieve it. Corruption will not just go away. To exterminate termites, you have to kill the queen.

Simply put, the event that just took place is not for the common good of the nation. It is the greatest good for the fewest number. Only Erap and GMA benefited from the pardon. Thievery and corruption will continue unabated. And the “masa” will remain poor as they have been sold out by the one they so idolize. As for Gloria, she will live another day. As for the nation, the struggle continues.


Bombardment! Bombardment!

After Joey de Venacia dropped his bombs in the senate, Gloria conveniently pardoned Erap. During the hearing yesterday, Joey directly linked Gloria and Mike Arroyo to the kickbacks in the scandalous ZTE Broadband deal. Joey claimed that Mike Arroyo was to receive $70 million in kickbacks.

He also exposed the “talk” Gloria and Romy Neri had and how GMA reacted to Neri’s report of bribery. I will not dwell so much on the senate hearings, but on how the administration seems to be dumping us with a succession of issues to further divide our attention.

Just when the palace bribery was heating up, the Glorietta blast hugged the limelight. To divert our attention from Joey’s testimony, she pardons Erap. Now the ZTE controversy will be temporarily sidelined until the next controversy that the palace will throw at us. This succession of scandals maybe intentionally exposed to keep us from focusing on a specific issue.

Gloria and her gang may after all be trying to keep our attention divided. This will surely work in their favor as her critics will be prevented from uniting and kicking her out. They can pretty much take these risks as they know that they have succeeded to instill apathy in our society. I am sure that they will once again come up with another controversy to cover up the previous issues.

Gloria and her gang couldn’t care less, they know they have the nation in the palm of their hand. We the people are playing right in their trap. They know we will not be able to rise as one to kick them out. More than sixty members of congress rushed to Malacañang last night in what they claimed to be a party. Perhaps this is the start of the end of JDV’s speakership.

This maybe the next controversy to further cover up the ZTE scandal. Impunity, that’s what we call it. The administration can pretty much get away with anything. I am sure that more and more issues will be thrown at us. And while we are too busy choking on the deluge, they will be laughing at us. We will be like headless chickens running around with nowhere to go.

Unless we can all unite and focus our energies on putting an end to this administration’s arrogance, we can all kiss our asses goodbye. Gloria will put a friendly speaker in the house and bulldoze her way to her premiership. Is anybody ready to accept Gloria as ruler for life? We only have two choices to put an end to this cancer, have another street party or a full blown civil war. Which would you prefer?


GMA Gives Erap Clemency

Its final, nothing the civil society, concerned citizens and the demoralized private prosecutors can do about it. Gloria has put to waste the honest efforts of all those who worked hard to put Erap behind bars. This just shows how politics weakens our judicial institutions.

So now, I am sure not in the spirit of reconciliation, GMA has decided that her survival is her foremost concern. Many lessons can be learned from this. Just like how FVR was cleared of the Expo and PEA-Amari scam, Erap after enjoying a resthouse arrest is now a free man with full rights restored. The forfeited properties will remain forfeited except the accounts he had before.

Granting that Erap was illegally kicked out of office due to a power grab, the court proceedings that followed were legal and proper. The prosecution worked tirelessly to dig up evidence to pin him down. The poor prosecutors were all taken for a ride. They danced with the devil and were taught a hard lesson in politics.

Gloria also bolstered the belief that people of influence are extended special treatment. So the poor will never enjoy the same privileges as Erap did. Justice in this country is indeed selective. Gloria saved her neck and that is what this pardon is all about. As for Chavit, he has served his purpose. He allowed himself to be used and it serves him right. A rat will always be a rat.

So the Erap saga ends today. Probably forced to swallow his pride for the sake of his ailing mother, GMA was only too glad to finally bring him to his knees. As for justice, it died today with Erap’s pardon. Rallies anyone?


A League Of Their Own

After admitting that the cash gifts handed to Govs. Panlilio and Mendoza came from the League of Provinces of the Philippines, Govs. Evardone and Reyes may now have to face the entire assembly of the LPP for violating their bylaws.

Nowhere in their constitution does it say that they are to disburse funds for neophyte governors. The disbursement of funds must also be approved by the entire assembly. The main source of funds of the LPP comes from contributions of the different provinces. These are collected annually from the provincial governments. These funds are public funds and does not come from the private pockets of the governors.

Investigations also revealed that the money given to Gov. Panlilio came from a bank in Pampanga. Now Gov. Reyes says that its the fault of LPP’s secretary why the money was distributed in Malacañang. Wow! Now its someone else’s fault. The poor secretary has become a scapegoat. A governor also said that never did the LPP hand out cash and that disbursements before had accompanying documents and receipts.

Gov. Ynares of Rizal who is the leagues treasurer does not know of the disbursements. With the admission of Evardone and Reyes, they have protected Gloria, DILG Ronaldo Puno and the palace. It seems that these two liars have a league of their own as the rest of the LPP members are not aware of what these two have been doing.

Now its clear, the two have lied to protect the true perpetrators of the bribery. The fools must have thought that we are gullible enough to take hook, line and sinker their assertions. To “contain” the issue anew, the ombudsman will now investigate the matter. I expect the ombudsman to sit on this case until the people forget the crime ever happened. Its the easiest way out of the scandal for GMA and her gang.

The senate will soon be investigating the matter. The governors are not covered by any EO or MO that could shield them from any inquiry. I would love to see Evardone and Reyes explain their side. I suppose they thought that they can simply admit and the controversy will die a natural death.

By lying, the two have signed their death warrants and could face criminal charges. The Anti-Money Laundering Council will now enter the picture and this would be disatrous for the two hoodlums. Let’s see how tough these two are and if will they put their necks on the line to protect Gloria. They will also have to explain to the members of the LPP why such an action was taken without the consensus of the assembly.

The truth will come out and Malacañang cannot do anything about it. The coming days will surely be a jittery one for the palace. I cannot wait to see Gloria drop her jaws in shock. With the spate of scandals hounding her, she might as well keep a huge stack of underware beside her to keep her bottom dry.

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