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A Subversive Administration

We rarely see this in modern democracies, but the Philippines whose democracy is down in the gutter is held hostage by a subversive administration. No, the communists have not taken the seat of power but coo coos in politicians clothing are scheming their way to perpetual power. In a way, you may call it a state-sponsored coup. The administration allies in the lower house of congress is trying to subvert the law by interpreting the law as they see fit. The old farts in congress think that they can change the constitution on their own. They intend to exclude both the senate and the minority bloc of the lower house in their bid to prevent a midterm election debacle and save their skins and that of their master.

Since the elections could spell disaster for the incumbent, her allies have cooked up a plan to ram through their Cha-Cha. They are now proposing a plebiscite in place of the elections. The generals and election officials implicated in the election fraud of ’04 have all been promoted. The administration’s cheating machinery is therefore intact and even stronger. A plebiscite is easier to cheat than the national and local elections. This is what the opposition and people are wary of.

Clearly, its the administration who is mounting a revolution. Its flexing its muscles to impose its will on the people. The stage is being set for a showdown. The remaining stumbling block and the only legal defense of the people is the Supreme Court. But even this is now in peril. The administration will stop at nothing to achieve its goal. By hook or most often than not, by crook, they must have what they want.

Subversives and rebels often belong to groups fighting the government. Only in the Philippines will you see the government trying to overthrow the people they swore to serve. What is unfolding before our very eyes is state-sponsored rebellion. A rebellion which has divided the nation and has bastardized institutions. Only here will you see terrorists, rebels and bandits in government institutions. No Jomas or Bin Ladens here, just Gloria and her minions.


The PIG and Her Piglets

The lower house is dead set to ram Cha-Cha down our throats. A technical working group created by the illegitimate president. The team is composed of Nograles, Lagman, Jaraula, Pichay, Datumanong and Villafuerte. The team will be setting the stage for a cancellation of the May elections to pave the way for an interim parliament come November. They will transmitting a resolution to the COMELEC to set a date for the plebiscite. The majority bloc in the lower house is set to file a resolution to convene both houses of congress into a constituent assembly.

While they claim that questions in the recent survey were ‘loaded’, we must bear in mind that it was GMA who introduced the Cha-Cha in her SONA. It is also her allies in the lower house who is pushing for this. Her active participation in creating this technical working group makes her the primary sponsor of the Cha_Cha. To say that the survey questions were misleading is utter stupidity. Its clearly Gloria’s Cha-Cha with her being the biggest beneficiary. Seeing how slow her ‘piglets’ are pushing the Cha-Cha train, she has decided to take the reins instead. She has finally shown that indeed, the Cha-Cha is her baby. Her only goal is to create a Gloria parliament.

The swines in congress are poised to feed on the nation. Their insatiable lust for power and their fear of the electorate’s wrath has given them no other option to save their asses. Immoral and unconstitutional as it may be, the administration will not hesitate to employ the dirtiest tactics to get their Cha-Cha approved. Their succeess will be the demise not only of our institutions but the entire nation as well. It is up to us and nobody else. With or without the support of the military, we must stop this threat on democracy.

To postpone(?) a constitutional process such as the elections to benefit these scoundrels is an insult to the people’s intelligence. We have seen the devastation this kind of greed has brought upon the nation back in 1972. To allow this rape to once again succeed is like signing our own death warrant. Its high time we the people assert our sovereign right and once and for all put an end to this hooliganism. Gloria and her gang has gone to far. The Filipino has been very patient and merciful but they should not push us to the hilt. The next people power may not be peaceful anymore. This they should consider before pushing their agenda. Mercy and forgiveness has no room for thieves of their kind.


Pure Hypocrisy

As I listened to Lito Atienza discuss Charter Change, I cannot help but be sick to the gut at the hypocrisy I’m hearing. He mentioned the divisiveness of our country and how Cha-Cha could unite the nation. Pointing to the opposition, he also discussed the way partisan politics has hurt our country and how the political gridlock has hampered economic growth. He said how being a member of the 1985 Batasan has opened his eyes to the wonders of a parliamentary system. He accused those opposing Cha-Cha as lacking of love for country. He also mentioned that he is not for the extension of the tenure of any official and does not approve of canceling next year’s elections. He reiterated that he and ULAP will continue to push for Cha-Cha whether it be through Con-Ass or Con-Con. He added that the sovereign will of the people must be heard.

Firstly, the divisiveness was caused by a fraudulent people power. This was admitted by no less than Mike Arroyo himself. A true democracy has checks and balances to prevent abuse. The Batasan was not a genuine parliament but a rubber stamp parliament of a dictator. I am against Cha-Cha but that doesn’t mean I have lost my love for this country. I wouldn’t be blogging about the social and political ailment of this country if I hate the Philippines, what I abhor is the likes of this Atienza who brands himself a patriot but a traditional politician in every sense of the word. Who is this guy fooling? Their ‘grand deceptive PI’ would not have been junked if they followed due process and if the true sentiments of the populace is what they were fighting for.

While he avers that he is not for the extension of the terms of those in power, why on earth would he push his son to run for mayor next year? Isn’t this a kind of political dynasty thereby extending his role in politics? He is a trapo just like the rest. He is for the status quo and not for genuine change. Party politics subverted the will of the people to get to bottom of things. And my biggest question is why try to steal the Liberal Party with GMA’s boys helping him? Its all for the sake of covering up the fraud that his queen, the bogus one has committed? Remember, he is an active participant of Oplan God Save the Queen. He is also a participant of state repression. Before the SC junked the CPR, he refused and openly supported the dispersal of rallies. And he wants us to believe that he is for democracy?

Just look at how he uses the popularity of Manny Pacquiao for his political gain. Even Rep. Miles Roces is guilty of this. Atienza and his ilk should not be looked up to. Their kind is one factor why the Philippines is in such a bad shape. He is not an advocate but an opportunist who toys around with his constituents’ lives. Changes in Manila is nothing but aesthetic. Crime is still rampant, corruption abounds and lives of Manileños is still the same. Political dinosaurs like him has nothing in mind but staying in power. They try to circumvent the law by pushing their wives and children to run in their place. Public service is an advocacy not an enterprise. Until these people change their view on what politics is, we will never get out of this mess we are in.


Anybody But Them

The recent Pulse Asia showed how the administration bets would fare in next years midterm elections. Palace officials shrugs off the survey asserting that they have the ‘machinery’ and the support of the local execs. Of course, they are at their wits end when they said this. The survey clearly showed how disgusted the people are of the arrogance and immorality of the current dispensation. Indeed, the elections will be a referendum for the squatter in the palace.

Issues against the queen continue to mount while old ones remain unresolved. The people are so desperate that they would vote anybody into office as long as they do not belong to the administration. While most local execs continue to support GMA, clearly the electorate thinks otherwise. Its payback time for the people. All the administration can muster is its arrogance.

Even their pet project, the Cha-Cha will face a stiff battle. The Social Weather Station survey reported that 2 out of 3 Filipinos would dump the Cha-Cha if a plebiscite would be held now. This should put to rest the dreams of the administration to hold onto power. A vengeful electorate is lying in wait, ready to pounce on the administration’s overconfidence. The palace could not rely on its numbers in the house and the LGUs. They no longer have the overwhelming support of the people.

Even with their machinery, cheating will not be that easy with a vigilant electorate. Advocacy groups and concerned organizations have been working tirelessly to educate the voters. Clearly, the administration has lost grasp of reality and will ultimately be punished by the people. Gold and goons will not be that effective anymore. Defecting to the opposition may or may not get the desired results. The only way for administration bets to even come close to winning is by dropping their queen and distancing themselves from her party. But this is not an assurance, people are aware of how they ‘performed’ and will be wary of them.

Ah yes, the desperate Filipino. Desperate times caused by the administration will lead to its defeat. I can just imagine the administration bets wishing they had been more independent. Sometimes party politics is not such a wise move. Now they regret this. And the people are more than willing to relieve them of their woes.


Not MEDIA Again!

A recent survey conducted by Pulse Asia showed that one out of two Filipinos distrust Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. With the claims of the palace that they have been making a steady headway towards improving the lives of the Filipinos, why would the people see it otherwise?

As if Malacañang has not had enough, it once again points to media as the culprit behind to the negative ratings of the pretender in the palace. From killing journalist to filing libel cases, media once again is made into the ‘spittoon’ of an inept, callous and bumbling administration. Is media really to blame for GMA’s spiraling ‘popularity’?

The palace has a vast array of media outfits at its beck and call. This does not count those who are sympathetic to GMA. So with this in mind, I cannot comprehend what Malacañang is whining about. Doesn’t the government control three major television networks? NBN 4 actually airs nothing but how ‘great’ the queen of the Enchanted Kingdom is. They also have their own radio station and has a ‘working’ relationship with several broadsheets. It even has an office solely dedicated to addressing the media needs of GMA.

Maybe, Malacañang should berate its own media officials instead of pointing to other outfits whose funding and resources are quite limited. With a huge propaganda machine at its disposal, she should be enjoying a humongous support. But the truth is hard to hide. Good governance is actually public perception and personal experience. This is what the people have to live through everyday. So to blame others for their lackluster performance and dismal popularity is the height of arrogance and total stupidity. Point a finger and the rest points back at you.



After the people’s triumph over the deceitful people’s initiative, the STOP Cha-Cha Movement, Black and White Movement, C4CC, Code NGO, Akbayan Youth, First Time Voters Project, SCAP and Teresa Makabayan has come up with a novel way to inform the people of what the Con-Ass is all about and what first time voters should know and expect.

There will be a Street fair which will feature foods, local products and items donated by celebrities and famous personalities. There will also be a ‘Kapihan’ where you can engage resource persons who will be more than happy to answer your queries regarding the Con-Ass. A team from First Time Voters Project will be on hand to give you, especially the new voters, of your rights and registration.

There will also be a mini concert, Music Jam where everyone can dance to the music. (but they insists that there will be no Cha-Cha tunes to dance to). This will be held at the strip of Paseo de Roxas, from the Ninoy Aquino monument all the way to Makati Avenue, Makati City. This is will be on Saturday, November 25, from 2:00pm onwards. Everybody is invited.


Black-eyed PI

The Supreme Court with the same vote of 8-7, junked with finality, the motion for reconsideration filed by Singaw ng Bayad and the Solicitor General’s Office on the dismissal of the People’s Initiative. The SC however pointed out that Republic Act no. 6735 is sufficient enough to “AMEND” a specific provision of the constitution through a people’s initiative.

Citing that there were no new arguments that were presented, the SC did not see any merit in the motion. SC spokesperson Atty. Ismael Khan however clarified that Singaw cannot use RA 6735 to “REVISE” the entire constitution as the people’s initiative can only be used for “a” specific subject. The SC also junked the petition of Sulongbayan Movement Foundation for Chief Justice Panagniban and Justice Carpio to inhibit themselves from ruling on the motion. The SC unanimously found their petition utterly lacking in merit.

The SnB/ULAP PI was first shot down by the Commission on Elections due to the lack of an enabling law. On Oct. 25, the SC dismissed their petition citing it as a “GRAND DECEPTION and GIGANTIC FRAUD”. Yesterday, the SC finally gave the knock-out punch that finally floored the PI. After millions have been wasted for this PI, SnB has not given up and vowed that the clarification on RA6735 gives them more reason to give it another go. Either the PI’s proponents did not understand the ruling or perhaps, they found their kickbacks too small.

These people should put it to rest. The court gave a clear explanation of what a people’s initiative can do and cannot do. With the PI dead and buried, the fight now shifts to the “stinking holes” of congress. Will the Con-Ass suffer the same fate or would its proponents in the lower house push its luck to the hilt? We will all find out soon if the house still has its numbers, with Lakas and Kampi at each others throats, they can both knock themselves out of the game in no time. That will will be a sight to see. They could both go down kicking each others balls!

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