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See You At The Rally

I’ll be joining the rally slated today in the heart of the city of Makati. I hope to see you there.

“Got this message from Leah Navarro”


Labanan ang Katiwalian at Kasinungalian.

Itaguyod ang Katotohanan.

It is time to be COUNTED!

Join us at the Friday Inter-Faith Prayer Rally

Ayala cor. Paseo de Roxas – 4:00 to 8:00 PM

Where former President Cory Aquino and Jun Lozada will join us as we make the call for Truth and Accountability.

Black and White Movement, together with Hyatt 10/La Salle 60, MBC, MAP, Manindigan,
and other professional and church groups will assemble at the
AIM (Paseo de Roxas) Parking lot at 3:00 PM.

Please join us.

Sa Totoo Tayo. Now Na!


Leaving Its Flock To The Wolves

After having an emergency meeting, the CBCP with its donation-riddled members did not call for the resignation of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Obviously, there are more envelopmental bishops than morally upright ones. Hiding behind the doctrine of separation of church and state, the CBCP says it is up to the people’s communal action. Malacañang obviously will be happy with the CBCP statement as her allies in the CBCP has shielded her from the more activist ones.

The statement basically leaves everything to GMA’s discretion. They ask her and her officials to lead in combating corruption. We all know her track record when it comes to fighting corruption. If she has done her job, we wouldn’t be hearing of different scandals and exposes. The senate wouldn’t be investigating government deals if GMA is doing her job.

They also asked her to abolish EO 464 and allow her officials to face senate inquiries an investigations. We all know that Gloria will never do this. It’s suicide for her as I am sure that more crimes will be unearthed. And even if Gloria allows her men to appear before investigations, they will merely do cover-up after cover-up and we will still be in the rut we’re in. No criminal in her right mind would shoot herself in the head (in the foot maybe, never the head).

They also asks the senate and the Ombudsman to use their powers to fight corruption. I am sure that the senate has been doing just that despite accusations of grandstanding. I however do not think the ombudsman is doing the same. The DoJ and even PAGC has sat on cases involving allies of Gloria. The CBCP also requests the media to be objective in its reporting. I am sure that the media has been doing just its work in all honesty. That is the reason why all these scandals have been exposed, the media is doing its job to inform the people.

The last point the CBCP emphasized is for us, the people to cultivate a culture of truth and integrity. It seems that the CBCP has not heard our calls. They refer to it as a new version of People Power. Through People Power, we have been learned and advocated change. The ones who never learned are the people who benefit from our efforts. Our leaders never learned from People Power. I suppose those bishops should look at themselves in the mirror and tell themselves that some of them are not truthful nor persons of integrity. On only a handful of bishops have the moral ascendancy to lead its flock.

Basically, the statement has no bearing nor of any importance. To call on a criminal, the “boss” at that to spearhead change is totally illogical. You’ve never seen a mafia boss rat on her own people. Is the CBCP feeding us to the wolves? I suppose we should not wait for them anymore as they are more concerned of their investments than their flock. GMA has succeeded in destroying every institution in the country. Some bishops obviously need to moderate their greed as well. No wonder nuns and priests are lambasting the bishops for their inaction and stand.

So the shepherds of men have led their flock into the den of wolves. They are no different from the high priests who crucified Christ. Money does change everything and the church is not immune to it. I just pray that those bishops who actually have integrity and principle would come out and lead us out of this hell that Gloria, her gang and her high priests have imprisoned us.


BLOGSWARM – Day 2 To The Men In Uniform

Against Arroyo
wave 1.0

Let’s Expand the Democratic Space through cyber-Activism. Sama-sama nating ISIGAW / I-POST / IE-MAIL:


For selling us out to China, Gloria must resign OR ELSE! The men in uniform who is being duped by a BASTARDIZED chain of command must know that they must serve God, Country and People. This is where their LOYALTY should reside, NOT to a corrupt and morally bereft pretending president. They are not mercenaries and at all times must have wisdom, conscience and devotion. Professional soldiers never allow themselves to be used in any way by a self-serving tyrant. True soldiers are principled and defenders of the oppressed. They should never be the oppressors.

Politics is never an issue despite claims of your officers. What is at stake is the survival of a nation. Honorable men wear their uniform with pride, integrity and principle. Be and act what you really are, the DEFENDERS of FREEDOM, DEMOCRACY and FILIPINO people.


BLOGSWARM: Take Down the Conjugal Plunderers

This the first day of protest of cyber activists against the conjugal plunderers in the palace by the murky river. Filipinos all over the world are disgusted by the moral bankruptcy and insatiable greed of the powers that be. It’s time to make a stand and share not only our voice but or actions as well.

Twenty-two years ago, the patience of the Filipinos finally ran out and kicked the dictator Ferdinand Marcos out of the country. Today, as we commemorate the action of the Filipinos which earned the respect of the entire international community, let us remind ourselves that power emanates from the people. The people has the sole right to put into office and remove from it any leader who has betrayed its people.

Making our leaders accountable for their crimes against the people is what we all seek. Only then can there be true justice and genuine change. We must learn from our past so as not to repeat the same mistakes again.


An Inutile President

Gloria in an interview over DZRH admitted that she learned of irregularities in the NBN-ZTE deal the night before the contract signing. Yet she allowed it to push through. Her lame excuse was that she cannot cancel it outright because another country was involved in the contract. How stupid and spineless can she be? Regardless of whether a diplomatic row could result from the cancellation, she is supposed to look after the wellbeing of the Philippines.

She also said that she spoke with the Chinese president at the first opportunity she found. Yet she dragged her feet before placing the NBN in hibernation. Only when the anomalies were unmasked and a senate hearing underway did she actually announce the cancellation of the agreement. Another question is why only the ZTE officials were present and not a single Chinese government official was there. It is clear now how the administration tried to get one over the Filipino people. Regardless of the short time involved, she could have right there and then refused the signing.

Her messengers even described her “like a thief in the night” bringing home goodies for the country. She may really take us for fools, easy to hoodwink. I’m sure it’s another ploy to appease the people. I expect another “I am sorry” statement in the days to come. But we’ve had enough of her scandalous operations and it’s high time we show her what we’re made of. It’s an insult to our intelligence that she would think we’ll buy her story hook, line and sinker.

Is this the kind of president who claims to fight corruption? How many allies of her have gotten away with plunder? Nani Perez and Jocjoc Bolante have yet to face even an investigation to explain the IMPSA deal and Fertilizer scam. Her order for the DoJ and the Ombudsman to look into the anomalous NBN deal is a mere Zarzuela. With this admission, Gloria shows how incompetent she at running the affairs of government and that she is not fit to represent the Filipino people.

It is time to kick her out of office before she sells the country out. Not only does she lack political will, she is SPINELESS and INUTILE.


You’re Invited To A BLOGSWARM

In the spirit of true PEOPLE POWER, we are inviting you to an online show of disgust and search for the truth. We will be conducting a blogswarm slated on Feb. 25-26. You may copy the banner and post it in your blog on the dates mentioned. If you have your own posters, please use them too.

Captions and entire posts are welcome. Let us all join hands and free our country from the grip of “EVILS” in government. The time for genuine change is NOW!


The Youth Makes A Stand

We have often discounted the youth. Some of us have even counted them out. Now they have come out of hibernation and have set their foot down. Today, they have drawn the line on the sand and has picked up the slack we old-timers left unfinished. They are now out to make and be part of history. Many of us lost some of the fire we once had in the fight for genuine change. Some have grown tired and has hung up their gloves and slipped into slumber.

The real stakeholders of what we fought for in the past are now in the forefront of the fight against the “evil” in our midst. They have declared war on Gloria. What strikes me most is how they rebuked the assertions of Malacañang that the people are tired of people power. They said that even if it takes them several people powers to effect the change they seek, so be it. Malacanang’s propaganda is not being taken by the young guns. Their declaration mocks the palace and seems to say, “bring it on”.

The youth is not burned out like most of us, but more steadfast than I had expected. They are more active reminiscent of the youth during the Marcos years. They were babies during EDSA 1 and were not quite mature during EDSA 2. They want a more active role in shaping their future. I gotta hand it to these kids, they sure know how to rattle Gloria. The good thing is that the communal action now emanates from them. We should support these idealists in our midst. They have show true grit and determination. All is not lost as long as we move in the direction they dictate. They are not tainted nor biased. They have only their future to hang on to.

I am glad that finally, they have realized what most of us have been fighting for. It was never for us but for them. Our time may have passed but seeing the collective action of the youth of today gives me hope. Hope that the future is brighter than we could imagine. Kudos to the youth for you have not wasted the energies we put in the fight for a better Philippines. I pray that you will keep the fires burning and that you will not lose sight of your goals.

We need collective action. It is time to once again bridge the gap not only in generation but in society as well. The time is ripe that we drive away the “evils” in government. No amount of propaganda from Gloria’s minions can convince us that People Power cannot work. I ask you to join hands with the youth. They need our support now more than ever. Let’s prove Gloria wrong. The Filipino is not tired, we’re just warming up.

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