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Its All About Musa And The Maguindanaoans

As Arbet Bernardo and I exchanged text messages, the subject of Maguindanao cropped up. He asked me why Migz Zubiri had been the subject of my posts lately. You may have noticed that since the Maguindanao polls were contested, I have been “passionately expressing my views” on the issue. No, I am not harping nor ranting. I am merely pointing out what is at stake and why we all should be focused on Maguindanao.

We shouldn’t be complacent about the issue. The brazeness of the cheating is just too much to pass. When people are subjected to intimidation and threat, we should take notice. The blatant display of raw power by the few is ruining the image of an entire people. Patsada Karajaw points out why fraud continues in Maguindanao (Postscripts of Maguindanao Polls). Its sad that perception against a people is actually because of a few corrupt and powerful individuals. Add the willingness of Migz Zubiri to be a benificiary of fraud and you will see the complete picture.

Arbet says its impossible for Migz to simply give up, I must agree with him on this one. Patsada (Migz Should Stop His Theatrics and The Zubiri Doctrine) clearly points this out and so does my previous posts. For someone who claims to be a son of Mindanao, he should be the first to defend the much maligned people of Maguindanao. He should be the first one to have the scandal investigated. To allow the people to suffer for him to get the final senate seat is downright criminal.

Musa Dimadsidsing and the missing two other witnesses have opened the eyes of the nation of what is happening in Maguindanao. The exploitation they have to endure is just too much to disregard. I been focusing on this issue as I do not want the people of Maguindanao to suffer. They should stand proud as Musa and the other witnesses have shown the rest of the country that Maguindanao is not a land of cheats.

The powerful who continue to threaten them should be made accountable. They have no other choice as the gun is mightier than the pen. Afraid of reprisal, they are forced to be pawns in the deadly game of electoral fraud. These people have suffered enough humiliation. Its high time the rest of us defend them. The likes of Bedol and the Ampatuans have no place in a democracy.

We all should rally behind the oppressed people of Maguindanao and the witnesses who gave up their lives to change the system. Let us not allow their sacrifices go to waste. They have opened our eyes to what is really happening in Maguindanao. Let us prove the cheats wrong. Its time to say enough is enough and that we will not be apathetic to the plight of Maguindanao.

Maguindanao is a microcosm of what is happening in our society. The international community will soon brand us a country of cheats. We are better than Gloria and her ilk. Its time to make a stand.


Is Migz Worth His Weight In Gold?

Is Migz worth his weight in gold? This the one centavo question that’s bugging me. As we wait in total disbelief of who Abalos and his gang of thieves will proclaim, many of us wonders why GMA is hanging on to Migz. This Moro-Moro is doing Gloria a great deal of harm. It continues to push her to the wall.

Even with Migz in the senate, the opposition will still have the majority. For whatever reason GMA has or for what purpose, Migz has become a heavy baggage. The administration will not gain anything with Migz around. His win will highlight the massive and concerted fraud the COMELEC and the administration undertook. The fiasco is so glaring that it dwarfs the Hello Garci.

Now GMA wants the media’s support for her remaining illegitimate years in office. Her call to move on will definitely fall on deaf ears. I am sure that the blatant display of arrogance and impunity may even accelerate her demise. Sen. Trillanes’s calls on every decent Filipino to rally behind Koko Pimentel. Its not just about the administration or the opposition anymore, its about the people’s will. A proclamation of Zubiri is downright criminal with all that’s coming out. It exemplifies pure lust for power and getting it at whatever cost.

The administration is clearly on the defensive. The continued insistence of Abalos to force the Migz issue only pushes them down in the quagmire. What does Migz have that warrants such unrelenting support from GMA? I really do not have any idea. He’s not even good as an administration poster boy. If GMA wants to ram Zubiri down our throats, its her loss as the people are fed up with the way the COMELEC and the administration has been subverting the people’s will.

The next few days will reveal how much this administration is willing to give up. Its highly unpopular now and to go into another scandal bigger than Garci would be disastrous. With witnesses missing but others taking their place, fear is the least of our worries. The blatant display of power has touched the senses of even those who were silently watching in the sidelines. The people I know who openly supported the administration last May are now disgusted with Gloria.

The cheating is so obvious. Gloria, if she still wants to keep the support of those who believe in her should now step in. She should talk some sense into Zubiri’s head.
Like I said, her last three years will be the ride of her life. With Migz, it will even be wilder. Her negative ratings will definitely hit rock-bottom. She’s now a lame duck and this latest scandal would make her a dead duck. The ball’s in her court, her decision could make or break her.

Is Migz really worth fighting for? Is he worth her political life? Decency, its all about decency. Let’s see if GMA will finally make a decisive move. Its her call now.


Stick To The Script!

As expected, Abalos went to Maguindanao to try an convince us that what was presented to him by election officals are authentic CoCs. Yes their authentic alright, authentic fabricated Cocs. He is definitely sticking to the script. He will not deviate from what has been agreed upon, TU would win by landscape, este, landslide pala in Maguindanao.

As expected, Abalos did not try to look into the contents of the ballot boxes. He did not bother to as the truth might come out. He contented himself with what was presented to him despite being the incorrect set of Cocs. Nice job of investigating a crime. It was “fixed” all along. It was a Moro-Moro after all. Abalos wasted time and money to make it appear that everything is in order.

He would not have any of the suggestions of the teachers to open the ballot boxes. Koko Pimentel and the people are screwed. Screwed and defrauded! Now the spoiled brat, Migz Zubiri has a lot to smile about. Abalos will canvass the manufactured Cocs and declare him the winner.

While Koko has now elevated his plight to the Supreme court, the opposition is contemplating of impeaching Abalos. The IBP also reported that employees of the National Printing Office said that ballot boxes from Maguindanao were sent to their office a day after the May 14 elections. Migz advices Koko to keep cool and file a protest before the senate tribunal instead. Migz adds that they will never succeed in impeaching Abalos as the opposition does not have the numbers. Yes, I forgot that everything is a numbers game, never mind what is moral and just. What a whimp! No wonder he refuses to concede despite obviously benefiting from “Dagdag-Bawas” and manufactured CoCs. Everything has been set a long time ago, they just want it to be dramatic.

See, I told you so. Migz, just like his queen is an unprincipled, immoral brat. He will accept a win whatever the cost may be. He will strut his way to victory as Abalos and his gang of electoral thieves will stick to the script. Its all been settled long before any witness nor protest came out. All this time, everything was just for show. Bedol, the stolen election documents, the staged hearings and the phony investigation, they’re all part of the play. Musa Dimasidsing and the missing witnesses were inconsequential extras in this electoral play.

They will get away with it and soon Migz will tell everyone to just move on. I hope one of his kids will not be the one to pay for his misbehavior. I’m sure just like Abalos and Joe deV, he will just simply shrug it off for they belong to that breed of immoral immortals who believe that they account to no one not even to God.

What a show the COMELEC and Team Unity put for us. The script though riddled with absurdities must be followed and believed by everyone. The cheats must stay the course and see it to the very end. I am sure, the COMELEC and TU will force this issue upon us. They couldn’t care less if much blood is spilled. Nor would it make any difference if the people protest. They are in power and will continue to wield it to their heart’s content.

Questions will be left unanswered again. Why didn’t Abalos look in the ballot boxes? Why did he stand by what was presented to him? Why did he not hold Bedol accountable for what happened in Maguindanao? Why were the copies of CoCs which were supposed to be supplied to the opposition and the watchdogs never given to them? Why were watchers and watchdogs never allowed to witness the canvassing? Why did TU despite their claims never presented the documents pointing to a sweep? The answers were before Abalos’s eyes and yet did not dig deeper. I am sure he will once again make an absurd statement. He will again hide behind a veil of technicality to save his scaly skin. Abalos will definitely finish his term and will be judged by history unless God has other plans for him.

As for Migz Zubiri, his kind can sleep soundly at night for he has no conscience. He can look you straight in the eye and lie through his teeth. Hell, he can even tell you that the people actually voted for him. I wonder how many really did vote for this arrogant brat? He will ascend to the senate and will forever be called the Senator of Maguindanao.

As for Bedol, he can do a Garci or may be promoted again. In the end, the cheating conspirators will stick to the script. Its all about the script and the culture of impunity that pervades in our country. They will dictate what we must believe and dismiss. Musa Dimasidsing, I hope will not fade into the sunset but be the beacon of hope for honesty and integrity.


The New Praetorians?

Is the Armed Forces of the Philippines the new order? Its not only their doctrine that’s been twisted, even the way they view themselves as the LAW. The way their leaders conduct themselves is a mockery of the hierarchy of the bureaucracy and society. Under Hermogenes Esperon, the military has become untouchable (at least those who view GMA and Esperon as their masters). They dictate what we civilians can do and what the military can do.

The resurgence of militarization is very evident in this administration. The military has been given a freehand on how it conducts its operations whether it violates civil liberties or not. Retired officers close to the incumbent is being appointed to juicy positions in the bureaucracy. The military acts with impunity and totally disregards the rule of the land.

As of late, Esperon said that no senate nor judiciary can compel him to act. He sticks by the chain of command. See how twisted their interpretation can be? He also said that what he follows are the articles of war and also points out that civilian rule is not always supreme. With this kind of attitude, the judiciary and congress should put him in his proper place. He and his ilk are not above the law.

If he thinks he can twist the arms of prctically anybody, he is in for a big surprise. He is obviously abusing his authority. I’d like to see him squirm when congress decides to screw him. The congress holds the purse of the military not him. Its going to be sad for the rest of the AFP who truly serves the people. They will be caught in the middle of a power struggle just because of an arrogant but definitely scared nitwit thinks he is a god.

I’m also very sure that Esperon cannot launch a power grab as there are still decent soldiers out there that will disobey him. The congratulatory statement of the 3rd Infantry Division to Sen. Antonio Trillanes and the survey the AFP conducted after the elections shows that a huge segment of the military recognizes/respects the civilian mandate and its supremacy over the military. This only proves that a vast majority of the men in uniform are apolitical and adheres to the constitution.

Esperon should stop issuing statements which would only put him in a tight spot. The decent majority in the military institution though silent, I am sure will not be forced to follow a crooked chain of command such as what the AFP now has. Esperon and his henchmen may consider themselves as the new Praetorians but the arrogance they display could very well put an abrupt end to their despicable reign.

The men in the field have spoken and it has sent shivers down the spine(?) of those in power. The chain of command has shown its weakness. Decency, integrity and genuine love for the country still holds true for most of the men in uniform. Their exploiters better beware as they have manifested that they are on the side of the people. They have displayed their might and Esperon and GMA should take heed of the telling signs that these men in uniform had sent.


The Spoiled Brat Called Migz

A pathetic and callous Migz Zubiri lauds the COMELEC’s decision not to declare a failure of elections in Maguindanao. This supposed to be principled spoiled brat has been claiming victory for several weeks now. I’m sure they know the fight for the last seat in the senate will go down the wire and to cheat is the only recourse.

This brat now accuses the opposition of peddling lies about the elections in Maguindanao. He even is so insensitive to insinuate that witnesses were floated to discredit the polls there. He is banking on Maguindanao to give him the win. But an exclusive by ANC on a certain Nasser (a colleague of alias Bai, the teacher who first reported that no elections took place in the province) reports that Abalos should open and scrutinize the contents of ballot boxes which will unmask the massive electoral fraud in the province. This is the only way for Abalos to get to the bottom of things. Nasser claims that the ballots will reveal how the results were manipulated as thumbmarks and penmanship will reveal the truth. Nasser also adds that what happened in this election is no different from what transpired in the 2004 presidential elections.

Just like in 2004, they were given a list to copy, such is also the case in this election. Back in 2004, they were ordered to give all votes to GMA and Noli and nothing to FPJ and Loren. The administration also relied on Maguindanao to deliver the votes for TU, but the vigikant electorate and honest teachers foiled their attempt to steal the elections and defraud the people.

Now the brat is ranting that the opposition is trying to disenfranchise the voters. If we follow Nasser’s assertions, there were actually no elections. And the voters Migz is talking about are non-existent as documents were fabricated to give the TU a sweep. I am sure he knows of the cheating that transpired and what got his goat is that despite the cheating, Koko still leads him in the senatorial race.

Maguindanao is his last hope. The COMELEC may favor him but the documents might not. In the end, evidence might be too great that the COMELEC will have no choice but to proclaim Koko Pimentel as the twelfth senator. I’m hoping this would happen only to prove that Maguindanaoans are not cheaters. Musa Dimasidsing did not give up his life just to be called a player in a conspiracy. The spoiled brat, Migz should not insinuate that a conspiracy to steal his votes was cooked up by the witnesses and the opposition. If a conspiracy exists, its to conspire to make the elections credible and clean.

Musa Dimasidsing died because of his conviction. He only wanted to put a stop to the culture of cheating and exploitation in the province of Maguindanao. It was improper and insensitive for Migz to malign the good memory of a man who fought for change. It only showed what Migz is made of. Just like his master in the palace, he shifts the blame to someone else. He would rather accuse a man who clearly belongs to a different league. His claims of a conspiracy is so absurd that even scriptwriters wouldn’t dare come up with one. But of course, he can always stoop low just to justify his rantings.

Only spoiled brats never accept “genuine” defeat. They would rather win at all cost than play fair. By hook or by crook is their motto and their creed, if you can’t beat them, cheat them. This is what the administration wanted. The national election is what was more important to them after all. A national defeat only shows the sentiments of a nation.

I am disgusted by Zubiri’s assertions and accusations. I am appalled by his conduct. He has shown his true color, the color of greed. He will not succeed in dishonoring Musa. He may have the money but lacks the moral integrity Musa Dimasidsing possessed.


Do You Believe In Magic?

What seems to be absurdity is fast turning into impunity. COMELEC chairman Benjamin Abalos intends to get to the “bottom” of things regarding the Maguindanao polls. To root out the truth(?) kuno, Abalos will be heading to Maguindanao to inspect supposed to be authentic election documents that will show that elections really took place.

But wait, reports from witnesses have said that election documents have been tampered. In another absurd turn of events, Abalos would still make the trip to canvass fakes? Did TU and the COMELEC buy enough time to put everything in order? Has Koko Pimentel played into their trap?

The late Musa Dimsidsing and three missing witnesses have affirmed reports of fraud. Fake CoCs have been unearthed and a totally improbable 12-0 blast by the TU was presented by Lintang Bedol. With supporting documents missing and weeks of delay,cheats could have easily manufactured new documents and give Migz Zubiri the final seat in the senate.

The objective now is to condition the mind of the suspecting public. If they can sway the perception to their side, this will pave the way for successfully defrauding the electorate. We must bear in mind the long delay in the canvass, the missing three witnesses, the continued existence of Bedol and the perseverance of the political operators. Add the absurdity of the COMELEC and you have the perfect recipe for electoral fraud.

For me, the die is set. The last phase is to declare the so-called authentic election documents in the hands of the local candidates genuine. I’m sure they have taken into account the small lead Pimentel has over Zubiri. Migz have been bannering how he could easily take out Koko with the Maguindanao Cocs. This reinforces my suspicion that they will try to the very end to cheat Pimentel out of the senate.

TU first floated the 12-0 during the campaign and now Migz is boasting that Maguindanao is his turf. These are tell-tale signs that something is afoot. And they want the people to believe in these myths. A magic trick is convincing only if the magician’s hand is fast enough. It works only if it is done “cleanly”. It only works if the audience believes its true. All these are not present in this electoral magic the cheats are performing. There is a long delay, the documentations are not cleanly executed and the people a skeptical. Should Migz Zubiri be declared the winner by the COMELEC and the people accept it, then MAGIC really works.


A Voice In The Night

In a country where many hope against hope, a new hero stepped up to the plate. Disregarding safety, Musa Dumasidsing, a COMELEC designated election supervisor in Maguindanao reported irregularities during last month’s elections. His surfacing confirmed earlier reports of massive cheating of teachers tasked to oversee the process.

The teachers complained of intimidation and harassment by political operators. Armed men did the cheating while teachers watched helplessly. Election watchdogs were also barred from the canvassing. Soon after, a 12-0 vote for the administration slate emerged. Highly improbable, the COCs were then questioned and supporting documents cannot be produced. Maguindanao holds the key to determine the last two positions in the senate.

The en banc of the COMELEC is set to declare a failure of elections in Maguindanao. They said that it appears the elections there never took place. But a proclamation of the local winners had been conducted thus proving otherwise. Now questions are popping up as to the legality of calling for a special election.

For weeks, provincial elections supervisor, Lintang Bedol defied the commissioners’ order for him to appear before the en banc. When he finally came, the only answer he could give was that the documents being sought have gone missing. Com. Abalos berated Bedol about his conduct but failed to make him accountable for the fiasco. (Lintang Bedol is one of Virgilio Garcillano’s lieutenants. He was implicated in the “Hello Garci scandal” in connection with cheating in the 2004 presidential elections. Despite this, the COMELEC promoted him to provincial supervisor for Maguindanao)

Last weekend, things turned for the worst as the gutsy witness Dimasidsing was mercilessly gunned down. He brought with him the secrets to the fraud-riddled elections. The three other witnesses have gone missing too. What is apparent and quite exposed, is the impunity by which political operators wield power. No amount of military might nor millions of watching eyes deterred them from mocking the will of the people.

Musa Dimasidsing is a “Voice in the Night”. He only wanted the elections to be clean and honest. Going up against giants had cost him his life. Linatng Bedol it seems is untouchable. Even the lords of the COMELEC cannot force him to speak. I am appalled by the way the COMELEC is handling this case. The palace too has been mum about Dimasidsng’s murder.

The authorities would like to even divert the focus to something else other than the election. Am I to believe that his killing is not connected to te elections? The cheats are definitely covering their tracks. Dimasidsing was killed to make an example, to intimidate those who intend to expose the fraud in Maguindanao. The COMELEC in a bid to defuse the mounting tension now wants Virgilio Garcillano investigated.

Dimasidsing’s life should not go to waste. The people must now make accountable the perpetrators of this dastardly and cowardly act. The COMELEC should act decisively on this matter. Everything is as clear as day and they can no longer hide behind technicalities. Dimasidsing came out not for himself, he was protecting the people. His death will be worthless if the people do not act. Do we simply accept cheating as a norm? I suppose we do not want to be called a country of cheats.

Another life has been sacrificed in the name of democracy. Dimasidsing was not a rebel nor an enemy of the state. His demise cannot be justified by any label or title. All he wanted was the truth to be heard. His voice now echoes the call for justice. He fought for you and countless Filipinos. Let us show him we are not afraid and join him in defending true democracy.

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