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GMA, FG, etal And The ZTE

The day before Neri was set to testify before the Blue Ribbon Committee, Gloria announced that after a discreet investigation on the NBN bribery scandal. She said that as per their investigation, there was never any bribery. She said that the president’s office conducted the investigation to find out if the allegations of such really happened.

She practically debunked the claims of Joey de Venecia and the report of Neri. Both pointed to Abalos as the perpetrator of the crime. As expected, Abalos vehemently denies this. But GMA’s findings does not make sense. Neri himself reported the incident which contradicts the findings of the discreet investigation.

Upon questioning, the personalities mentioned in the scandal said that they where never asked to shed light on the allegation by any official or agency of the government. Just how discreet this is, we will never know.

Ask any investigator and I am very sure that they would interview all personalities connected to a crime. I bewilders everyone’s common sense and certainly, more questions will crop up. Gloria is definitely entangled in this web of corruption. This scandalous deal with ZTE will never be signed if indeed GMA wants transparency in government dealings.

Now its clear that Neri invoked executive privilege to avoid implicating Gloria. Gloria never lifted a finger even after Neri reported the bribe. It is clear that Gloria pushed for the ZTE and I am sure she knows someone made a killing. It is also now clear why the PAGC official who tried to investigate the bribery was unceremoniously sacked.

But even if Neri refuses to talk, all is not lost. The senate must focus their attention to the other personalities that were mentioned in Joey’s affidavit. Remember, there were other individuals who were with Abalos during those meetings in Wack Wack. They should now subpoena these people and grill them instead. Names of personalities close to Mike Arroyo were mentioned.

No wonder Mike quickly left with them on the eve of the senate investigations.
Now there are more Jocjoc Bolantes in our midst. These people should be called to testify in the senate. They are private individuals and no EO 464 or MO 108 can protect them. Of course to invoke right to privacy and self-incrimination but I am sure the senate will find a way to make them talk.

I now will be looking forward to this and when this time comes, my chips, burgers and soda will surely come in handy.


Breaking Down Sen. Trillanes

So now the mandate of the people does not exist. Despite not being convicted, Sen. Sonny Trillanes is barred from performing his duty as a servant of the people. I thought all the while that all are presumed innocent until proven guilty. I suppose this dimwit of a judge is expecting an appointment from GMA to a higher position that is why he refuses to allow Sonny to even meet with his staff in his detention cell.

I am sure Esperon and Gloria is still smarting from slaps the election of Trillanes gave them last May. And this harassment is the only way they can get back at the senator. Even a simple meeting was denied by his marine custodian citing the lack of a court order. Maybe the judge wants Trillanes to lick his butt.

I can understand if media access is not allowed. But barring his staff, Sen. Pong Biazon and Civil Service Commission head Karina David is a totally different story. So the hearing of the Senate Committee on Civil Service and Reorganization had to be canceled. Jalosjos who was convicted of rape was even allowed to construct a burger stand and a tennis court in Muntinlupa, and yet Trillanes whose only fault is standing up for what is right is being treated in this manner.

We are not talking of a barangay captain or a mere congressman, we are talking of a nationally elected senator. He is was LEGITIMATELY elected by more than 11 million people unlike the one pretending to be a president and a whimp pretending to be a general. This judge must be so envious of Trillanes that he will do anything to be famous. I cannot see any reason why Sen. Trillanes should be prevented from performing his duty from inside his cell. A meeting with his staff can be likened to a visit. Inmates are accorded this right and in some cases, conjugal visits are even allowed.

I do not see additional expenses incurred as I am sure that his staff will bring with them food and the necessary items they will be using during their meeting. It also wouldn’t be a security problem as I am sure that proper screening by the guards will be conducted and no one is that dumb to try anything inside a military camp.

So what is the fuzz all about? Its all about breaking the will of Trillanes to kneel and beg before the illegitimate leader. Its all about psyching out the senator to finally give up his fight for what his principles dictate. Its all about the pain and nightmares he continue to give GMA and ESperon. And its all about a judge who hopes to be rewarded by Gloria someday.

If you are one of those who voted for Sen. Trillanes and would like him to serve you, his constituents, email him at


The Spineless Piece Of S**t

I had may potato chips ready, my burgers and cold soda beside me. I even canceled all my activities for the day. So there I sat in front of the TV and tuned in to ANC. After preparing myself for the special feature on the senate hearings yesterday, I was so dismayed at how Neri turned out to be a farce and the Judas to Abalos. Of course I wanted to finally see Abalos squirm, but that is only one part of my wish.

Now it is confirmed, Romulo Neri is nothing but a spineless piece of s**t. So much for the hero-come-lately tag. It seems the RAT (as Manuel Buencamino refers to him) was after all going to leave Abalos to be devoured by the senators. Invoking executive privilege, Neri ducked the questions regarding what transpired after he informed Gloria of the 200(bowls of soup no. 5) bribe offered to him by Abalos. He chose to save his queen.

All the hope that the people had went pffft. Neri, sitting in a pool of his own excrement, gave in to pressure and toed the government plan to nail Abalos and save GMA. In the end, the calls of different sectors, including his schoolmates went unheard. Neri chose to stick it out with his illegitimate president. He clearly forgot who he is really serving. He forgot what his alma mater taught him regarding honesty, integrity and decency.

At the end of the day, he buckled and delivered himself to the arms of corruption. He allowed himself to be used and abused by his master. He now will forever walk that lonely path, alone and shunned by the people he let down. It saddens me that he just let his chance pass without hesitation. It would not have been financially rewarding, but he could have been remembered as a morally upright personality. Now he is nothing but a spineless piece of S**T!


A Merciless, Ruthless Church

I have been a Catholic all my life, somehow along the way I became disillusioned with the church. I saw how some unscrupulous men of the cloth abuse the faith and trust given to them by their flock. I suppose there will always be bad eggs in every institution there is. But in a church which preaches love, faith and values, its the last place you would expect evil to thrive.

I have stopped going to church but had never renounced my Lord. The few times I attend the service is simply because I had no choice. I chose to live by the teachings of the Holy Book instead. I would rather commune with my Lord in my own way than be a hypocrite. I have met several nuns and priests who share my feelings as they themselves have seen how even their very own leaders are living a life so lavish that it insults the senses of its flock.

I must admit that there are really nuns and priests who have devoted their lives in the service of the Lord. There are however some who uses the church to enrich themselves. As I watched the hearings of the senate today on the wiretapping case, I cannot help but cringe at how priests and bishops turned their backs on people who need sanctuary. Is these the kind people who preach love and yet conspire with the powers that be to deprive a person in dire need of a safe place?

One witness described how disillusioned he was with the church. I cannot in any way fathom how people of the cloth can be used by an abusive regime. Clearly, the current leaders of the church should stop and reflect on how their actions affect the perception of those they rule over.

Politics and money are ever present in the church as well. A recent meeting I had with several members of the church confirmed how corruption has infected the hierarchy of the Catholic faith. One even mentioned that its no longer “white envelopes” but “suitcases” of money. They shared with me that there is division in the church as certain factions are sick of the corruption they witness. They even confirmed how some of their leaders are under the payroll of a very powerful man.

Now it is clear to me why a certain leader of the church strays from the way of reason and sensitivity to issue callous statements in defense of this illegitimate regime. It is now clear to me how a certain priest rides a red Jaguar to different functions. I am dismayed by this blatant display of corruption and greed. Greed led to the ouster of one prominent priest from his parish. He managed to increase their collection and was able to really serve the less-fortunate.

This did not go unnoticed and he was soon transferred to another parish. Its all about control of funds. Its sad that his projects will now suffer as a greedy faction will now takeover and use the funds as they see fit. Never have I been sick to the gut as these are the people who is supposed to emulate the Lord. Everyday, we see poverty around us and some of these “hoodlums in robes” live in opulence.

Now I understand how Jesus felt when He saw the temple turned into a market. I now understand why some priests would walk away from their vocation. Now I understand why the Catholic church continues to lose members to other faiths. I now wonder how betrayed God must feel in how these fishers of men abuse their power. But I will remain a Catholic despite these personalities. I will not renounce my faith but will certainly denounce these wolves in sheep’s clothing. These personalities know who they are and I hope that the Lord will not be kind to them when they face judgement.


Cuddling The Corrupt

Speaker Joe de Venecia has managed to stave off the attack of GMA’s clones. With a solid backing of his Lakas hardliners and the possible alliance with the opposition, JDV took round 1. GMA may have the power but she can’t put her position on the line. So despite the rhetorics of her allies, they can’t just push JDV around.

GMA, in a bid to kill the NBN investigation, announced the SUSPENSION of the ZTE deal. If I remember right, a TRO had already been issued by the Supreme Court and GMA’s announcement is but a ploy. But Joey de Venecia had already opened the Pandora’s box and the Blue Ribbon Committee will not be duped into closing its hearings just yet. In the thick of it all, Romulo Neri, former NEDA chief, holds the key to the entire fiasco.

As of late, Neri has been “invisible” but would definitely attend the hearing on Wednesday to explain his part on the ZTE deal. He had said in his last interview that a bribe was indeed offered and had reported it to Gloria. And Gloria told him not to accept the bribe BUT approve the deal anyway. So Gloria had knowledge of the bribe but did not even lift a finger to run after the briber. Isn’t this contrary to her policy of stamping out corruption?

The entire nation will be waiting for what Neri has to say. The inaction of GMA on the attempted bribe will not escape the peering eyes of the senate. For sure this will be another issue that will be thrown at her. No wonder, Neri is under heavy guard, they need to apply pressure on the poor guy to make sure he says the RIGHT things. Clearly the only threats to Neri’s safety will come from the administration.

Gloria clearly has a hand in this. Its her neck that is at stake now. She will definitely be implicated in this scandal. She pushed for its approval despite the report of an attempted bribe. Its obvious that she is cuddling the corrupt. So the buck does not stop with Abalos, nor with Mendoza, it clearly stops with Mike Arroyo and Gloria.

Karma is catching up with her. Slip up after slip up is slowly wringing her neck. Certainly this will be another nail in her coffin. She knows this and could probably spell disaster for her. So who’s next? Erap maybe home by Christmas, could the Arroyos still be in the palace by that time? The NBN scandal has created a lot of anxiety for the Arroyos and Luli’s reaction shows it all. So the wheel of fortune has turned full circle, Gloria the cuddler of the corrupt is next in line.


From Hell And Back

We have not moved past those dark years of martial law. The corruption and abuse have remained in our midst. During those yeas, the military ruled with an iron hand and the Marcos condoned their acts. Like today, military officials benefit from rewards from the incumbent. Just like in those years, human rights abuse is rampant.

The government back then was able to rule with such ferocity and impunity due to the apathy of the people. Just like today, apathy is the rule of the day. The administration’s propaganda is doing its job. Political dissent is quickly crushed and all-out war is declared on the insurgents.

More than half a century has passed and the Red scare is still employed by those in power. It has succeeded in fooling the people into believing the myth about our insurgents. Reason and understanding has been replaced by cruelty and authoritarianism. Genuine grievances are quickly dismissed and proponents conveniently branded as hard-line communists. Critics disappear in the dead of the night never to be seen again. Every death and missing blamed on the communist PURGE.

Instead of addressing the real causes of the insurgency, the administration would rather dismiss it outright. The government back then went on a beautification campaign very much like today. Attempts were made to paint a rosy atmosphere and that the economy is booming. While the national debt grew at an astronomical rate, majority of the people suffered. It also led to migration which is present today.

People were forced to leave behind families to earn much needed dollars in the name of survival. It was only after the Marcos ouster did we discover the humongous debt we have. GMA today is doing the very same thing. She has been engaging in a borrowing spree that we and our descendants will be paying for till the day we die.

The only difference now is that GMA does not control the senate. Scandal after scandal is being exposed. Back then, the husband and wife tandem of Ferdie and Meldy looted with blind abandon. Their lavish lifestyle in stark contrast with the suffering of the people. Today, another tandem has taken their place, and is embroiled in the looting of our coffers.

Allies are given juicy positions and allowed to enrich themselves. From hell we’re back to hell. Its a recurring nightmare that has haunted us. Once again, liberties are threatened. Nothing really has changed. Its no wonder that the years of martial rule are hardly taught in schools. Perhaps its a ploy to keep our youth in the dark of how hellish authoritarianism can be. Perhaps its a way for the corrupt to continue on with their rape of the nation.

I hope that we who experienced it firsthand continue to share our experiences with our children so that they may see the signs on the walls, so that they may understand what is happening around them. Let’s not sit idly by while our country is ravaged by a new personality. Its high time we learn our lessons well and keep it in our hearts. Unless we change our ways, we only have ourselves to blame for this recurring nightmare and we will never get out of this viscous cycle.


Fashionista Si Gloria

Do we really need all these high-tech projects, GMA has been pushing for? Do we need this so-called cyber highway? Will the poor benefit form this broadband that they are moving heaven and earth just to push this project? I am sure that folks in the far flung barrios do not even know what broadband is. They may even think that this could be some new singing group.

I also asked myself why on earth such a project should be undertaken when it clearly isn’t a national priority. The NBN is part Gloria’s dream of making the Philippines a first world country. But being “in” doesn’t make a country progressive. I would compare it to a social climber who tries to look rich and spends on unnecessary things just to be “in” with the times.

Instead of addressing more pressing problems, GMA spends our taxes on her caprices. But of course there is also the “kickback” factor for a comfortable retirement. Another pet GMA has is the Cyber Education Program. It would be patterned after the cyber education program that Thailand is using. While Thailand has successfully implemented this, the funding is shouldered by the king. Oops, I forgot, we live in the Enchanted Kingdom and we have a Queen.

But in our case, the queen spends the people’s money and leaves her loot intact. Much can be desired from this administration. Gloria watches her people die while she makes herself feel good. She would rather make it appear that we are rich while the people wallow in the quagmire of despair. Instead of shooting for the stars, why don’t we reach for a more attainable dream? The money must be really good to undertake such a project.

Let’s not pretend what we are not. Gloria once accused the poor of having misdirected priorities. She accused the poor that they are hungry because they would rather spend their money on cellphone loads than on food. Well look at who has misdirected priorities now? We don’t need her high-tech projects, we need simple solutions to problems which beset the nation today. What we need is a working government that thinks of the people’s welfare. We don’t need a leader who “sprays tons of deodorant” to hide the stinking truth.

Being “in” for the sake of feeling good is always bad. Delusions of grandeur or social climbing for that matter only makes things worse. Gloria should stop dreaming and start working. She had been dreaming since 2001 and the people have been left wanting. All these talk of high-tech solutions to address simple problems only proves that Gloria the Dreamer would rather be a “fashionista” than a true leader. So what’s next, GPS on pedicabs?

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