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Cracks In The Wall

Reports of infighting in the cabinet has shown cracks in the erstwhile formidable coalition of the greedy. The palace and the lower house are now at odds due to the inclusion of an “impeachment clause” in the PI. The Arroyos tried to have this excluded but failed. It seems JDV has other things in mind than just help GMA survive. The sly trapo has outwitted the bogus one.

Now the shoe is on the other foot. The once fragmented opposition is showing signs of consolidation and unity. The Cha-Cha virtually dead, the only hope for GMA is a strong slate for the May elections. The squabblings in the palace and the seeming distrust for JDV, further weakens the administration coalition.

DND Sec. Avelino Cruz is in the center of this developing rift as he had expressed his opposition to the PI. Now the cabinet is in a bind as its members are taking sides. Gabi Claudio for his part tried to prevent the gap from widening even if he is perceived as a Cruz ally. The usually outspoken Gonzalez has joined the fray.

The administration once again is in panic mode. To show a semblnace of unity, Claudio stated that the opposition will be trashed come election day as the ULAP will campaign hard against them. He also revealed that a “strong” senatorial slate is now being formed. Claudio must be dreaming, they know very well that they are in for a big upset in May. The administration’s members have all been implicated in so many scandals that the electorate is wary of them. Without even mentioning the names of probable candidates, The administration slate is doomed to lose.

Even the government’s vast resources will not be enough to reverse the tide of discontent among the electorate. Even members of the ULAP will be unable to do anything. Remember these local officials jumped on the Cha-Cha train to be able to hold on to power to avoid facing the wrath of their constituents. This move only shows that even local officials identified with GMA are in for a trouncing. Political survival was all these officials were after.

Now we see the coalition at each other’s throats. The panic-striken pretender will now have to face a coup, not from the military but from her own allies. The power-play that is boiling within their ranks could soon fragment the administration. The biggest loser in this ensuing spat are the Arroyos who have been on the defensive since the “Hello Garci” tapes were exposed. Whether they like it or not, they are already finished. No amount of intrigue or bluffing can hide the fact that coalition has reached the end of the line. It not invincible as the players are now after their own ambitions.

No matter how we look at it, they are finished. The different factions are now in survival mode after their Cha-Cha bid has been exposed. The strong indications that the political landscape is once again changing and will lead to the coalition’s destruction. One Voice is correct, the elections is a referendum for the bogus presidency of GMA. This is one fight she will definitely lose.

With the elections now forthcoming, the Arroyos must now find a way to keep the coalition from breaking up. They are neck-deep in this political turmoil they created. Their survival rests on the coalition. Money is no longer an alternetive. The players in the different factions now want something more solid. They all pinned their hopes in the Cha-Cha, and this blew up in their faces. This is what happens when a coalition is made up of people with different goals in mind. Many were praying for divine intervention, could this be the start? Let’s hope it is.


GI Joe De V and The GI Shift

Gloria’s Imp (GI), Joe De V is at it again. Irked by the recent Supreme Court decision branding the Sigaw/ULAP People’s Initiative a grand deception, expressed his disappointment of how the magistrates handled the petition.

He pointed out that how can there be a grand deception when local offials from governors to baragay officials conducted discussions on the matter. I don’t know where GI JDV got his info but in my barangay, no such discussions ever took place. Like what I’ve said before, what was presented to me was a survey form and not a petition. We all know how the lower house under his leadership also engineered a grand deception during the last two impeachments.

He also pointed out how unfair the SC was when it concentrated on technicalities and bludgeoning the initiative. Didn’t the lower house Committee on (in)Justice do the same with the impeachments? Granting that the SC is not a trier of facts, but the arguments of the contending parties included facts and constitutionality. GI JDV must have had a lapse in memory when he uttered this observations.

A Motion for Reconsideration is in the works and would be filed within the next two weeks. The decision was hand-delivered to the petitioners in just a matter of hours. These raised a howl from the other GI, Raul Gonzalez. He now accuses Panganiban of ensuring the defeat of the PI. We all know that the sooner the MR is filed, the sooner it will be resolved. What’s nice about it, the administration’s plan to wait for the retirement of CJ Panganiban and wait for a more friendly chief justice has been derailed. It seems that the SC had seen this coming and has now prevented it. With a full month still as chief justice, Panganiban will still be there when the MR is to be decided.

The administration thought they are always a step ahead of everybody, not this time. I have never seen such swift application of justice. I’m glad, no one can now say that justice delayed is justice denied. Nobody can claim that the SC dillydallied on the PI. As far as I’m concerned, Lambino and Aumentado can kiss their PI goodbye.

The Gloria Initiated (the other GI) Shift has been delayed. The majority bloc of the lower house must now iron out its differences to be able to make their push. But still, an anti-Cha-Cha senate is a force to reckon with. Soon it will once again fall on the SC’s lap to decide on the fate of their Con-Ass. This would further delay their plans. To postpone or to cancel the elections in May could be the tipping point the opposition is waiting for. We all know that despite the allegations of election-rigging, the people would still participate. Their cover blown, JDV and his gang must now act swiftly. The people now know what is at stake and will now be more determined to safeguard the elections.

The administration will have a difficult time conducting its “operation” with a vigilant electorate. The battle lines have been drawn. Plan B could suffer the same fate as the PI. Its now the state versus the people. With support fading fast for the embattled pretender, I expect trapos to salvage whatever remaining influence they have and jump ship. Her handful of generals cannot save her neck. The military’s silent majority could rise and finally topple her illegitimate regime.

We’ve witnessed bizarre events turn this country upside down. These are all part of a maturing country and politics. The coming days will be crucial for both the opposition and the administration. How they both react to developing events will ultimately decide the fate of the bogus presidency.


The Intervenors and The Supreme Court

Many have written praises to the Magnificent 8 of the Supreme Court. Although they finally drove nail on SnB and ULAP’s coffin, we failed to see and appreciate those who worked tirelessly to unmask the deception and the fraud behind the People’s Initiative.

Black and White Movement started the ball rolling with their Stop Cha-Cha ni Gloria. One Voice soon followed suit and the rest was as they say, history. BnW was more vocal and took their plight to the streets talking directly to the people. One Voice on the other hand took the diplomatic route and used the media to explain their advocacy. The two took different paths but had one goal, to unmask the biggest fraud the illegitimate administration had undertaken. What began as a lonely fight turned into a rout when several groups and individuals joined the fray.

The Senate, Integrated Bar of the Philippines, Alternative Law Groups, Bayan, Bayan Muna, Kilusang Mayo Uno, Ecumenical Bishops Forum, Migrante, Gabriela, Gabriela Women’s Party, Anakbayan, League of Filipino Students, League of Concerbed Professionals and Businessmen, Solidarity of Health Against Charter Change, Health Action for Human Rights, HEAD, Partylist Congresswomen, Trade Union of the Philippines, Phil. Constitution Assoc.-PHILCONSA, Phil. General Trans. and General Workers Organization, Sulong Bayan Movement, PMP and several individuals rounded up the long list of intervenors.

The diligent work of going thru millions of documents was provided by legal volunteers. They exposed anomalies in the PI process which helped convince the magistrates of the existence of wholesale fraud. All the intervenors’ hard work had paid off. Their arguments were heeded by the Supreme Court and the deception finally exposed. The Supreme Court had proven its detractors wrong. There are still decent people in their institution. The SC has shown the people that the last bastion of democracy is still alive despite accusations against it.

The intervenors had shown us that there are people out there who continue to fight for our country’s future. I am glad to know that there are still people who despite the apathy in our society stood up for what is right and just. To the Black and White Movement and to One Voice, thank you for carrying on the fight for democracy. And to the others, thank you too for helping fight a bogus PI.

I know the real fight has just begun, but with people like you, I know someone’s watching my back.


Con-Ass (CONNING the People-Licking the ASS)

Now that the People’s Initiative has been unmasked, Anti-Cha-Cha proponents are now gearing up for a bigger fight ahead. Time and again, the House of (mis)Representaives had made a mockery of our laws. We all have been witnesses to how JDV and his ilk interpret laws to suit their greedy needs. Now they are on their toes to finally push their Con-Ass. But in their way is the senate who is also a major player in this fight against Cha-Cha. The lower house refuses to raise their arms in surrender despite knowing that their evil plot has been exposed. The arrogant majority know what’s at stake and their backed up against the wall.

Their unending string of propaganda of how the shift will benefit the country fails to screen their real intentions. The people now polarized and well-informed, cannot be hoodwinked into believing their assertions. Granting the majority wins this round, would they get the Supreme Court’s nod? If for the sake of argument they overcome the legal battle, they can’t be sure of the electorate. But time is one thing they do not have and it is one they do not have a monopoly of. By the time all these have been dealt with, the elections would have been through. The majority would now be the minority and Gloria could kiss her sorry ass goodbye.

But what is this animal called Con-Ass really all about? To be right about it, its Constituent Assembly. It is when congress is converted into an assembly which will propose revisions to our existing constitution. It is actually constitutional but the bone of contention is how will it be done? Would the upper house vote separately from the lower house or would the house be voting as one? This will be the new arena in GMA’s fight to stay in power.

JDV asserts that it is less expensive to use this mode than a constitutional convention wherein its members will be voted in by the people to draft a new constitution. So what if its expensive, is the administration afraid to spend what it has stolen? To use such a flimsy excuse to railroad their “project” is the most deceptive way to carry out their evil plan. We all know what is at stake here, its not only the pretender’s butt they are protecting but their positions as well. To have the elections is not only a referendum for the incumbent but it would spell the death of the arrogant majority. Seeing the likes of JDV, Nograles, Pichay, Villafuerte, Antonino, Lagman and Cagas still in power would make one puke. These dinosaurs would do a great service to their constituents if they are booted out of office.

So you see my friends, their version of Con-Ass is nothing more than CONNING the people and ASS-LICKING their illegitimate master. To allow this “fraudulent” Con-Ass to push through will be like throwing ourselves in a viper’s pit and die a slow agonizing death. To leave our future in the hands of greedy morons is the height of stupidity. I’m not stupid, I can discern and analyze. Now you wouldn’t want to be caught with your pants down. Let’s be vigilant and protect the future of our children. This is what matters to all of us.


Running Out Of Options

In a close vote of 8-7, the Supreme Court has denied the Sigaw ng Bayan and ULAP’s bid to change the charter through People’s Initiative. Pressure on the magistrates did not sway them to surrender the future of our nation. The administration’s plan went pfft. Certainly, appointing her “justices” is not an assurance she can do as she pleases.

From the very start, the PI have been seen as a bid by the palace to permanently shield the bogus presidency from finally answering allegations of corruption and cheating. With the junking of the PI, the palace would now have to rely on its allies in the Lower House. JDV and his mates have been tirelessly working on their version of the Cha-Cha. But it seems the even they have their differences on the provisions ti be pushed.

The DILG and ULAP for their part must now answer for the “funding” which was used for the PI. It was revealed by no less than Bunye himself that indeed that his office had in fact released funds for the PI amounting to several millions. Lambino had claimed to have produced 100,000 copies of the draft petition, but this can only account for so much. SnB has also undertaken a massive media blitz that would run in the millions. Its highly probable that ULAP’s members had used public funds for this endeavor. They must now be made answerable for dipping their hands in the national coffers.

Claims by SnB-ULAP that they had collected and verified 6.3 million signatures had also been questioned. Anti-Cha-Cha proponents had in fact discovered irregularities and this strengthened the SC’s decision and even call the process deceitful. The SC also pointed out that the process defrauded the signatories of the PI as they were made to sign without being presented the provisions of the petition.

What can we expect from a group closely associated with an illegitimate leadership, of course more lies and deceptions. Try as they might to conceal the truth, in the end it will find a way to expose itself. The administration has once again had a setback, they are running out of time and options. The Con-Ass will definitely face a more straining test when its finally pushed. Nobody bought their “terrorism threat” hence the Anti-Terrorism Bill cannot be of any use for now. The 2007 elections are fast approaching and there simply is no time for GMA to prevent her demise. What other options are there for her? There seems to be none. All she can do now is sit and wait or to undertake a “palace-sponsored coup”. She still has her “generals” who will do the dirty task for her. But this is somewhat improbable as even the military is divided. This is clearly shown by the constant loyalty checks the military conducts. I can just imagine GMA wracking her brains out while her “advisers” frantically work on how to beat their deadline.

What will be her next move? We will soon find out when JDV finally makes his push. Vigilance exposed the deceptive PI, vigilance will prevent the administration from ramming Cha-Cha down our throats, and vigilance will forever protect our children’s future.


A Concerted Effort

Talks of the cancellation of the 2007 elections started months ago when Abalos raised the question of the election budget. Since then, the PI had kept it in the sidelines. Knowing too well of its importance, the senate had promised to allocate funds for the exercise. But this scenario is once again being floated by no less than the election lawyer of the pretender, Atty. Romeo Makalintal.

Is this being floated to condition the Filipino’s mind? I also believe that the continuing assault on the integrity of the COMELEC has something to do with this. The more doubt is cast on the COMELEC’s credibility, the more the electorate will find it acceptable to postpone or even cancel the elections altogether.

With the PI in a very unsure footing, the palace has stepped up its efforts to “pressure” the magistrates. Even JDV has somehow cast doubt on the SC by making his “personal” visit to Panganiban publicly known. Raul Gonzalez in all his arrogance had advised the SC to make themselves scarce. The executive has no right to meddle in the affairs of a co-equal unless it was a deliberate move to damage the credibility of the SC. The recent survey which shows how 60% distrusts the SC only serves this purpose.

The late passage of Gordon’s Bill to me adds to the controversy. While insisting its good for the elections, why come up with it this late? I may be speculating here but he is afterall an administration senator. His constant lambasting of the COMELEC had added to the flames of doubt making it more difficult for the COMELEC to prove its worth. His committee could have approved his resolution last year when there was ample time to prepare. The “Hello Garci” controversy should have started the repeal/amendment of the Automation Law. Surely the COMELEC’s failure to even have a pilot area will ensure the COMELEC’s death. Lacking in credibility, I expect the palace operators to drive the nail on the COMELEC’s coffin.

I am not a COMELEC defender but hey, I call it as I see it. The events unfolding before us only creates more speculations and wild guesses than concrete answers. I’m not a big COMELEC fan but they are the ones in charge of the elections. I have doubts in my mind but they are all we have for now. As long as Abalos and his commissioners are there, vigilance is our only recourse to protect our votes.

The PI’s death and the legal battle which the Con Ass faces has blocked Malacanang’s bid for Cha-Cha. So the most logical way to go is to sling mud and cast more doubt and confusion that the electorate will just lose its interest and finally agree to a postponement of the elections. I’m hoping I’m wrong with this one but why are all this talk of NO-EL coming out now? Is this a concerted effort to finally discredit the coming elections? Are we all playing into the administration’s ploy once again? Should elections push through, with all the doubts about its crediblity, majority of the voters might not even vote. I have heard comments about boycotting the elections altogether. This is alarming as the disinterest might lead to the administration’s win. Should this happen, we’re all done for. We can all kiss our asses goodbye.

We must assert our right to vote. Let’s not allow doubt to prevail and give the administration what it wants. We must bear in mind that there is no such thing as absurdity when talking of this administration. With them, everything is plausible. With just a few months to go, let’s be more vigilant of the signs that our politicians are sending. We must not take this things lightly as our future is at stake. We are all stakeholders therefore must be more active. There are still good men out there who continue to fight for what is right, let’s not be complacent and render their efforts futile.


My Idol Finally Retires

After fifteen years in the Formula 1 circuit, Michael Schumacher has finally retired. He first entered the F1 scene in 1991, a replacement driver for the Jordan team. We was quickly signed by the Benetton Team. Schumey gave Benetton two titles, 1994 and 1995. He then tranferred to Scuderia Ferrari. He then turned Ferrari’s title drought into a stunning five-year reign.

Schumey dominated Formula 1 from 2000 – 2004 giving him a record seven world titles. All good things must come to an end. Today he drove his last race at the Inter Lagos in Brazil. He finished fourth after falling to twentieth place when carbonfiber debris from an earlier mishap shredded his left rear tire. He has a record 91 Grand Prix victories, 154 podium finishes, 68 pole positions and all these are from 244 starts.

I will sorely miss watching him race. I have followed his career and have collected items about him. But what I cherish most is his Millennium Championship Cap. I know I’m only one of his many fans. We all celebrate his wins and grieve his loses. The man simply is the best and it would be quite a while before anyone comes close to his achievements.

So now, I bid my idol Godspeed. I raise a glass to the greatest driver there ever was.

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