Doling Out Scraps

At a time when mistrust for GMA is growing, her strategy now is to buy out the people. The illegal tenant of Malacañang has been announcing subsidies for the poorest of the poor. Alleviating the plight of the poor should have begun on the very first day Gloria took office. With barely two years before she ends(?) her criminal reign, she will go on a bribing spree. With her economic programs clearly hitting the people hard, her only option is to dole out scraps.

Giving out cash without concrete sustainable programs is utter stupidity. One cannot close a gaping wound with band aids. With her bludgeoning EVat and the rising cost of living, empty pockets and grumbling stomachs will not go very far with measly P500 dole outs. While she avoids crossing her criminal-minded allies, she dangles P20 wage increases to the underpaid slaves. She refuses to suspend her pet, the EVat because it would expose her economic incompetence. Even investors have began shying away due not only to her corrupt bureaucracy but her unstable programs as well.

Putting the blame of her ineptitude on her critics is the only thing she can do. She has to divert the attention of the irate populace to stay in power. Now, even announcing projected increases in oil prices is being prevented. We have the right to know what we are facing so we can prepare for the worst. It is the government’s responsibility to keep us informed. Gloria should suspend the EVat on oil and power if she is sincere in easing our sufferings. While the cost of oil increases, so does the VAT. At present levels, about P7/liter is being collected by the government. Removing the VAT would lower the cost of everything.

The P500 electricity subsidy should be paid directly to the power company instead giving it to individuals. We have no assurance that these monies will go to the intended recipients with this government’s track record of misusing funds. I am sure that Gloria will use this for photo ops again. Just imagine her being shown giving out “gifts” to the poor? This would be a great propaganda opportunity to make it appear that she is doing something for the people. P500 would not go far, it is only good for three square meals a day. After it has been spent, the poor family will go back to its miserable life. This dole out is no different from the money given out to buy votes.

Our so-called leaders live off our taxes. We pay for their gas, their phone bills, their trips and even their power bills. While they go around with blaring sirens in big gas-guzzling luxury vehicles, we have to walk under the blazing sun bathing in our sweat while inhaling toxic fumes. They sit in aircontioned offices while more and more people ply their wares in the streets only to be taken away by Gestapo-like goons of Bayani’s MMDA. At a time when we face desperation, we look for inspiration. We do not need rhetorical speeches and political gimmickry.

So what do you call these dole outs? Bribery? Maybe cover-up funds, or diversionary funds perhaps? At the end of the day, incompetence and dereliction of duty is what Gloria is guilty of. Of course her other crimes against the people should never be forgotten.


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