DoorMat Defensor: GMA’s Floormat

Matias Defensor has been hugging the airwaves defending the inevitable death of the GMA’s impeachment. There is nothing new here. Its still a numbers game. They will never allow an impeachment complaint against Gloria to prosper. It will be a waste of time to argue it out with a doormat like Defensor.

Many like him are only too eager to take center stage and make themselves worthy of what Gloria paid them. But to allow themselves to be bought at such a small amount shows how “CHEAP” these stooges are. No sense in making a fool of one’s self in exchange for loose change. If I were them, I would ask GMA for more. She wants her freedom, she must pay through her ass. Its her neck that’s on the line here. I am sure that she will give more just to stay where she is.

DoorMat now challenges everyone to bring the matter to the Supreme Court. We all know they will stand by DoorMat’s assertion. He insists that they will only entertain the weak Pulido complaint. There is no such thing as rule of law when we speak of the lower house. They will interpret law as they see fit. Due process depends on whose ass is at stake. Defensor will never allow anything near his master.

The (in)justice committee is composed of GMA’s Kampi party and some were implicated in the gift-giving scandal in the palace, the supplemental complaint is doomed. Everything depended on Gloria’s doorMat Defensor. Anything else hurled against GMA is dead.

Such is the reality in the lower house. The is no delicadeza to speak of. This is how thick-skinned these hoodlums are. No matter how ridiculous and flimsy the Pulido complaint may be, we have to stick with it. Unless the people rise to show their collective disgust, Gloria will continue to pour shit on our heads.

Now if you can still take this crap sitting down, then we do deserve Gloria.


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