Desperately Seeking "I Am Sorry" UPDATED

As I visited my links a few days ago, I came across an entry of Touched By An Angel on a racial slur involving Filipino doctors in the popular series, Desperate Housewives. Reading through her comments box, Moms…check nyo calls the writer and actress both desperate. The infamous line: “Before we go any further, can I check those diplomas? ‘Coz I just want to make sure they’re not from some med school in the Philippines.”

Filipinos rose in indignation. Fil-Ams have even put up an online petition demanding ABC network for a public apology. So far, ABC, the producers, director, writer or even Teri Hatcher (who delivered the irritating line) have yet to comment on the issue.

There are different angles to this Malu-istic remark. Our doctors are some of the best in the world. They practice in the best hospitals the world over. They teach in the best medical schools and some ranks high in the realm medical practice. Our medical schools have even attracted foreign students who take up their pre and post-med courses here. Our medical workers are highly valued and well sought after all over the world. Heart and dedication are our best traits and good education backs it up. I’d like to hear what Dr. Martin Bautista has to say about this.

So the joke was not well-received and it shows how irresponsible ABC is. While the US boasts of equality, there seems to be a resurgence of racism and discrimination in their society. Probably its borne out of professional threats as more and more Asians not only Filipinos are besting them in different fields.

The writer of the show should be reprimanded for his acerbic wit. Actors must also be aware of the lines they deliver. Hatcher should have questioned the use of the insulting joke. It was too glaring and to say that it shouldn’t be taken out of context does not cut it. I do hope that networks be more responsible of the scripts they use in their shows. Maybe time will tell on how this thing plays out. Who knows if charges will be filed against ABC in the future.

Will ABC finally do a Gloria and say, “I am sorry” or would they hold their shitty ground? For now I will sit and wait of what the network will do to arrest the situation. Use of jokes to get a few laughs(?) at the expense of another human being should never be allowed. I wonder how the MTRCB will take this? In a world where different races coexist, respect is mandatory and sensitivity a must.

UPDATE: ABC has issued an apology for the inappropriate remark against the Filipino medical community.


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