Romancing Bedol

So what if the COMELEC found Maguindanao Provincial Election supervisor Lintang Bedol guilty of indirect contempt? So what if he will serve a six-month prison term? So what if he was slapped a fine of P1,000? Will their decision solve the Maguindanao question? Would it bring back Musa Dimasidsing’s life? No, never!

The decision was but a romantic caress compared to the mess Bedol created. The COMELEC sure is a refuge for election thieves and terrorists. I just couldn’t accept how soft the COMELEC was with Bedol. Bedol singlehandedly vaulted Migz Zubiri into the senate. He made a mockery of the electoral process. He caused distress among honest teachers and firmly placed Maguindanao on the map as the cheating capital of the country.

What is worst, he can still appeal his case. This is the kind of selective justice that we have in our country. Yes, they can claim its a simple(?) administrative case. As the body mandated to preserve the sanctity of the ballot, the COMELEC should spearhead the filing of election sabotage charges, if they are really sincere. But we all know that the COMELEC only serves the one who appoints them to office. So what if we pay their salaries and feed their families?

But I guess they will never do that. Lovers in an illicit affair will never squeal on each other. They will never destroy the romance between them. They have to keep Bedol satisfied and show the people at the same time that they are sincere assholes.

And where does all this leave Musa Dimasidsing? Bedol and the COMELEC are spitting on the poor man’s grave. Another collateral damage in Gloria’s political zarzuela. And of course, the Filipinos get it again from behind.


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