Budol-Bedol: Now You See Him, Now You Don’t

I once questioned ComelecAko why Bedol and the rest of the Graci Gang were promoted and never investigated for the fraud-riddled 2004 presidential elections. His answer back then was posted in his blog which for some reason, I can no longer access. He too was disappointed but adds that they seemed to be hardworking thus their promotions were justified. If memory serves me right, he adds that he wished that the allegations had closure, meaning the people implicated should have been investigated.

Now Lintang Bedol is nowhere to be found. He’s done a Garci, he had disappeared into thin air and brought with him the answers to the mystery of the Maguindanao vote. ComelecAko was right, he should have been investigated along with Sumalipao and Macaambon. The two are still here as no scandalous actions have yet been uncovered. Macarambon however was involved in the last fiasco of the special elections in Lanao. Ricky Carandang reported that he was the one who picked up blank ERs from municipal treasures and brought ithem to a hotel.

Bedol had been called to the national canvass to explain the elections (as if it ever took place) in Maguindanao. He was the election supervisor in that area. Bedol and his henchmen did a “BUDOL-BUDOL” in Maguindanao (Budol-budol is a scam wherein a bundle of cash is padded with paper cut in the size of paper money. Only the exposed faces are genuine money and everything in between are just plain paper cuttings).

Now the elections in Maguindanao are in limbo as too many questions were left unanswered. As for the magician, Bedol, he could be anywhere living in luxury from the fruits of his labor. We have the commissioners of the COMELEC to blame. They should never have promoted Bedol. I can almost see inquisitive minds such as mine, asking whether Abalos and the rest of the commissioners were all in this or not.

My gut keeps telling me Abalos knows what is going on. His latest absurd order was to re-canvass ERs which were known to be fakes. You’ll get the same results dummy! Recounting wouldn’t amount to anything, you’ll get the same result. For someone supposed to be brilliant, it seems sanity and common sense had escaped the man.

So the Garci legacy continues! This time its Budol-Bedol and his gang of magicians. The COMELEC’s mental state is now in question. The lieutenants of Garci have done their share, its up to Abalos to cover their tracks. Not only were the elections in Maguindanao stolen, the people were swindled by the Budol-Bedol Gang.

*Must read entries: Tingog’s Lintang Bedol, Patsada Karajaw’s Totally Absurd and Ricky Carandang’s About Those ERs


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