Statistical Overstretch And Albano’s Twisted Imagination

The TU cheating machinery has bogged down. During the campaign, Tonypet Alabano of TU said that political machinery will give the TUTA a 12-0 sweep of the senatorial elections. He was trying to condition the minds of the people when their cheating operations kick in. What actually happened is the complete opposite of whatever mind-conditioning the administration tried to stick in our undiluted minds.

Now Tonypet is raising a howl and crying that they have been cheated. Cheated he says? Cheated my ass! Only the incumbent has the monopoly to cheat. With their guns, goons and gold and they still claim they were cheated. The COMELEC too is by your side so how can the TU lose? We are not stupid Tonypet. It was the people’s will to kick TU’s asses to kingdom come.

Now Tonypet comes up with a term only he understands. Its called STATISTICAL OVERSTRETCH. He claims its the GO’s brand of mind-conditioning wherein the opposition would claim imaginary cases of cheating to undermine the TU’s standing in the canvassing. This guy sure has his brain stuck somewhere else.

Wasn’t Escudero, Cayetano and Pimentel nearly robbed of votes in the hundreds of thousands? And these where uncovered during the national canvass. Of course Abalos was quick to declare it as clerical errors. Lintang Bedol, one of Garci’s lieutenants, justified the voting of minors. I wonder how many minors voted for TU in Mindanao and ARMM? People in Maguindanao profess that there were no elections held there despite CoCs and SoVs which show a very high turnout of voters. Maybe Tonypet should ask Gov. Ampatuan why teachers under armed guards were videotaped in a gymnasium filling out ballots even before elections began. He should also ask Amb. Tita De Villa of what she witnessed during the Lanao speacial elections. Even foreign observers witnessed how the a mockery of the electoral process was done.

I suppose Tonypet is trapped in the nightmare they themselves created. He claims that TU was cheated in opposition bailiwicks. This claim however runs contrary to NAMFREL’s study that the opposition actually has thousands of voters disenfranchised in opposition turfs while administration bailiwicks had astronomical increases in their voters registration.

The vigilance of the people and the genuine call for electoral reform is what caught the administration off guard. They thought that they can still cheat and get away with it. (my hunch is that Gloria really wanted to be out of the country when the reports of TU’s cheating are exposed) Now Tonypet has to conjure up some insane, highly improbable scenario to deflect the heat from their massive, brazen acts of defrauding the electorate.

Now Mr. Albano, who do you think will believe your assertions? You may fool people sometime but not all the time. The people are not as stupid as you may think. We are well informed now more than ever. Its you who is actually overstretching, overstretching your blurred and twisted imagination that the people love TUTA and GMA so much, and that we owe our continuing existence to them.

It could may have been TU’s cheating operators who did some hokus-pokus to make it appear that the GO cheated. The GO does not need to cheat in their bailiwicks as voters there cannot simply be bought. Unlike in the administration’s turfs(?), teachers and election officials are forced to cheat under the barrel of the gun of warlords bought with the people’s money.

My humble advice is for Tonypet to see a shrink to interpret his “dreams”. Sometimes, lies become truths when one believes them to be reality.

“You may want to read what UNIFFORS (GO bites TUTA) had to say about Tonypet Alabano. Arbet of AWB Holdings (Making a donkey out of oneself) adds his masterstroke on Albano as well”


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