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An Obligation To Fulfill

This coming elections will be a test for the people’s resolve. In past elections, we were content at routinely casting our votes. The bad experience we had last 2004 should be a wake up call for us, the electorate to step up to the plate. Our reactive stance will not help to effect reforms. We must be proactive this time around. Months before the elections, we have seen how this administration intends to make a mockery of the electoral process. The COMELEC under the leadership of Abalos continues to challenge our common sense.

With barely two months to go, the cheating machinery is working doubly hard and only our vigilance can thwart any sinister plan to steal the elections again. Be it in the counting or the canvassing, we must see to it that the will of the people be respected. Let us not dismiss the elections as an exercise in futility. It only becomes one when we simply sit idly by and just swallow whatever those in power throw at us. We are their masters. Our taxes fatten their families.

We hold the true power not them. We can take from them what they stole from us. Its our duty to vote, regardless of the obstacles brought before us. We owe it to the future of this nation and our children as well. Change will only take effect if we put our foot down and kick the cheats out. Nobody has the monopoly to power. No one has the right to strangle us and bring us down with them.

Apathy has no place in a society wanting for change. As long as we unite against fraud, the cheats will not succeed. To vote is not only our right, its an obligation we all must fulfill.


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