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After the people’s triumph over the deceitful people’s initiative, the STOP Cha-Cha Movement, Black and White Movement, C4CC, Code NGO, Akbayan Youth, First Time Voters Project, SCAP and Teresa Makabayan has come up with a novel way to inform the people of what the Con-Ass is all about and what first time voters should know and expect.

There will be a Street fair which will feature foods, local products and items donated by celebrities and famous personalities. There will also be a ‘Kapihan’ where you can engage resource persons who will be more than happy to answer your queries regarding the Con-Ass. A team from First Time Voters Project will be on hand to give you, especially the new voters, of your rights and registration.

There will also be a mini concert, Music Jam where everyone can dance to the music. (but they insists that there will be no Cha-Cha tunes to dance to). This will be held at the strip of Paseo de Roxas, from the Ninoy Aquino monument all the way to Makati Avenue, Makati City. This is will be on Saturday, November 25, from 2:00pm onwards. Everybody is invited.


Black-eyed PI

The Supreme Court with the same vote of 8-7, junked with finality, the motion for reconsideration filed by Singaw ng Bayad and the Solicitor General’s Office on the dismissal of the People’s Initiative. The SC however pointed out that Republic Act no. 6735 is sufficient enough to “AMEND” a specific provision of the constitution through a people’s initiative.

Citing that there were no new arguments that were presented, the SC did not see any merit in the motion. SC spokesperson Atty. Ismael Khan however clarified that Singaw cannot use RA 6735 to “REVISE” the entire constitution as the people’s initiative can only be used for “a” specific subject. The SC also junked the petition of Sulongbayan Movement Foundation for Chief Justice Panagniban and Justice Carpio to inhibit themselves from ruling on the motion. The SC unanimously found their petition utterly lacking in merit.

The SnB/ULAP PI was first shot down by the Commission on Elections due to the lack of an enabling law. On Oct. 25, the SC dismissed their petition citing it as a “GRAND DECEPTION and GIGANTIC FRAUD”. Yesterday, the SC finally gave the knock-out punch that finally floored the PI. After millions have been wasted for this PI, SnB has not given up and vowed that the clarification on RA6735 gives them more reason to give it another go. Either the PI’s proponents did not understand the ruling or perhaps, they found their kickbacks too small.

These people should put it to rest. The court gave a clear explanation of what a people’s initiative can do and cannot do. With the PI dead and buried, the fight now shifts to the “stinking holes” of congress. Will the Con-Ass suffer the same fate or would its proponents in the lower house push its luck to the hilt? We will all find out soon if the house still has its numbers, with Lakas and Kampi at each others throats, they can both knock themselves out of the game in no time. That will will be a sight to see. They could both go down kicking each others balls!

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