Threats To A Friend

Ellen Tordesillas, one of the more fearless critics of the administration has received a veiled threat from a certain Daniel Perez who emailed the threat through danie11aperez80@yahoo.com. The email address and name obviously is an alias to cover the identity of the sender. The threat said,

“What kind of death do you prefer? To die of cancer? To die of accident? To die of ambush? To die of heart attack due to your libel suit? Masyado kang matapang ha? Puro banat mo sa Pangulo dahil hindi ka napartehan ng gracia kahit kaunti. Your days are numbered.”

Ellen’s integrity and credibility is without question. She had stuck to facts and was never known to fabricate her stories. Ellen is only one of 42 other jounalists who have been charged criminally with libel. All of these were filed by Mike Arroyo. The National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP), has condemned the said threat and has asked the Philippine National Police (PNP) and the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) to track down the sender.

The killings of journalists and members of progressive groups had been steadily increasing. The international community has called on the administration to look into the matter. So far, Task Force USIG and the Melo Commission, both created by GMA has come up empty or present credible findings.

Another case of intimidation, perhaps. This is just one of the risks our journalists must face everyday in their service to the people. This is a facet of a journalist’s life here in the Philippines, where one is condemned for telling the truth and lying rewards you with praises.


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