Cracks In The Wall

Reports of infighting in the cabinet has shown cracks in the erstwhile formidable coalition of the greedy. The palace and the lower house are now at odds due to the inclusion of an “impeachment clause” in the PI. The Arroyos tried to have this excluded but failed. It seems JDV has other things in mind than just help GMA survive. The sly trapo has outwitted the bogus one.

Now the shoe is on the other foot. The once fragmented opposition is showing signs of consolidation and unity. The Cha-Cha virtually dead, the only hope for GMA is a strong slate for the May elections. The squabblings in the palace and the seeming distrust for JDV, further weakens the administration coalition.

DND Sec. Avelino Cruz is in the center of this developing rift as he had expressed his opposition to the PI. Now the cabinet is in a bind as its members are taking sides. Gabi Claudio for his part tried to prevent the gap from widening even if he is perceived as a Cruz ally. The usually outspoken Gonzalez has joined the fray.

The administration once again is in panic mode. To show a semblnace of unity, Claudio stated that the opposition will be trashed come election day as the ULAP will campaign hard against them. He also revealed that a “strong” senatorial slate is now being formed. Claudio must be dreaming, they know very well that they are in for a big upset in May. The administration’s members have all been implicated in so many scandals that the electorate is wary of them. Without even mentioning the names of probable candidates, The administration slate is doomed to lose.

Even the government’s vast resources will not be enough to reverse the tide of discontent among the electorate. Even members of the ULAP will be unable to do anything. Remember these local officials jumped on the Cha-Cha train to be able to hold on to power to avoid facing the wrath of their constituents. This move only shows that even local officials identified with GMA are in for a trouncing. Political survival was all these officials were after.

Now we see the coalition at each other’s throats. The panic-striken pretender will now have to face a coup, not from the military but from her own allies. The power-play that is boiling within their ranks could soon fragment the administration. The biggest loser in this ensuing spat are the Arroyos who have been on the defensive since the “Hello Garci” tapes were exposed. Whether they like it or not, they are already finished. No amount of intrigue or bluffing can hide the fact that coalition has reached the end of the line. It not invincible as the players are now after their own ambitions.

No matter how we look at it, they are finished. The different factions are now in survival mode after their Cha-Cha bid has been exposed. The strong indications that the political landscape is once again changing and will lead to the coalition’s destruction. One Voice is correct, the elections is a referendum for the bogus presidency of GMA. This is one fight she will definitely lose.

With the elections now forthcoming, the Arroyos must now find a way to keep the coalition from breaking up. They are neck-deep in this political turmoil they created. Their survival rests on the coalition. Money is no longer an alternetive. The players in the different factions now want something more solid. They all pinned their hopes in the Cha-Cha, and this blew up in their faces. This is what happens when a coalition is made up of people with different goals in mind. Many were praying for divine intervention, could this be the start? Let’s hope it is.


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